In internet marketing, you need relevant targeted website traffic to make money online.

There is no any internet business that would survive without website traffic. The targeted website is the blood that makes every internet business survive.

If you want to increase your website traffic today, drive more sales, leads, and conversion, here are five website traffic tips to help you get more website traffic.

1. Publish Shareable content.

There are different types of content you publish on your website. Some of your published content will be focused on providing information, entertainment educates, or drive more engagements.

If you write more content that increases the engagements on your blog, you will drastically increase website traffic to your blog.

2. Start With Keyword Research

Every piece of content you write without keyword research process presiding the writing process, it's a thousand of potential search traffic lost.

Always base your article on a proven search query. Something people are actively searching for. A lot of relevant audience community and relevant to your business.

3. Accept Guest Authors on Your Blog

This is a smart guest post strategy.

By inviting other guest authors to write for your audience community, you're tapping into existing relevant website traffic.

Also, in the process, you could earn some link juice from the guest authors. This is because some of the guest authors might mention their guest posts in subsequent blog posts.

This is a very effective SEO and traffic strategy if done right.

4. Do a Roundup Post

Though this is not a fancy website traffic strategy because it involves a bit/lots of leg work.

You'll have to reach out to many experts in your industry for their opinion on a particular subject, tools, tips, strategy, experience, etc.

If you're able to get responses from a few dozen of experts, your expert opinion roundup posts could easily go viral.

If you do this the right way, and your round-up post is an evergreen topic, you will see the result faster.

5. Offer Value

There is no magic bullet to increasing website traffic. If you succeed in driving traffic to your website, but your website offers no real tangible value to your readers, you won't retain or earn the traffic.

In everything you do online, make sure you're giving out your best work. There are millions of websites competing for attention. The only way you stand out from the rest and drive a large percentage of the traffic is by offering more value than your competitors.

Give people reasons to love your website and always wanted to come back for more.


These five website traffic tips are no magic bullet. But if you give them a try, surely, you will experience an increase in your website traffic stats.

Author's Bio: 

Shamsudeen is a professional blogger, affiliate marketer, and the person behind the blog - Cybernaira.

He writes about blogging tips, affiliate marketing, social media, and reviews products and services on his blog.