Construction risks are often ignored by both employees and employers, for example, they forget about the need to buy protective equipment. However, they are very dangerous as some of them can cause life-threatening accidents. Therefore, it is important to reduce the safety risk at the construction site.

Most of the accidents that occur during construction work are based on the same factors:

Malfunction or misuse of construction tools, machines and mechanisms.

Violation of the rules for fencing hazardous work areas, or failure of protective devices.
Violation of the principles of storage of building materials.

Errors in the design of temporary ladders and bridges for the passage of people and the passage of equipment.
Lack of sufficient space in work areas and walkways.
Poor organisation of staff work.
Lack of alarm.

Violation of key occupational safety principles (e.g. occupational safety training).

What should you pay attention to?

The organisation of the construction process, as well as planned work.
Correct storage of used materials, parts and components.
The organisation of the construction site itself and the development of convenient passageways for employees working on it.
It is imperative to conduct a systematic briefing of all service and personnel working on the territory.
It is necessary to properly protect the entire territory of the construction site, as well as stairs, rotating and moving parts of the crane.
A set of measures is required to ensure the electrical safety of the operating personnel.
It is necessary to use proper warning corflute signs in accordance with the current rules.

What can you do?

1. Be careful around your work area.

Follow your instincts right from the moment you enter the job site. And for that, you always need to be on tiptoe around the construction site. To keep your construction site safe, your top priority should be to protect yourself and others from any potential accidents. Do not ignore small parts, such as lying hazardous materials that could cause slipping or falling. Also, stay away from electrical wires (especially bare ones), sanding particles and dust.

2. Wear appropriate clothing

There is an increased risk of injury from accidents if you do not wear proper clothing at the construction site. In addition, working conditions are different in different situations. Thus, you need to choose something that is appropriate for the task and also protect workers. For example, when it comes to working at height, helmets, straps and harnesses are useful for fall protection. In addition, other protective equipment such as safety glasses, safety goggles, rubber shoes, gloves, earmuffs or full-face masks will reduce the risk of injury on the construction site.

3. Avoid substance abuse at the construction site

There is a very strong link between substance abuse and death in the workplace. This not only lowers the productivity of workers but also makes the environment unsafe for others. Therefore, it is wise to stay sober while working on a construction site.

4. Check tools before use

Before using any tool, you must make sure that it is not damaged, as this can lead to many unpleasant consequences. Make sure they are checked before use by a competent person. Use it only if it is in good working order.

5. Avoid squatting or kneeling

Instead of straining or bending your body, use ergonomic equipment and furniture. Also, make sure that your work is organised in such a way that everything you need to complete your task is within your reach.


Making sure that everything is safe and sound on your construction site is not an easy, but necessary step. It will save a lot of nerves and money, and possibly someone's life. Don't risk and make sure that everybody on your construction site is safe.

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