If you do not know how to write well, organize your thoughts or even write with a minimum of style, you will not get any attention from your recipients, what you write will have no impact and what you are trying to communicate Will never be understood.

Because writing skills develop our ability to conceptualize, to find ideas and to create. Learning to write well also helps us to express ourselves orally and clarify our thoughts.

The benefits will be seen immediately in your work and your relationships with your colleagues. You will also be able to make a difference with the women you are courting.

And then, when you get down to it, you realize that writing has lost nothing of its charm, nor the words of their brilliance.

So I'm going to share with you 5 little tricks from Gary Provost's book.


Yes, copy. Occasionally copy words to words a passage you liked. You will understand the choices of the author. Why he put this word here, why he used that twist.

I remember that Michel Onfray or Zemmour - two rare contemporary writers who write in style - explained in a video that at school they were obliged to copy passages from Balzac and other great authors.

So, inevitably, in the long term, we have a better structure.

Another idea cited in this book is to "steal". Gary Provost expresses this idea in order to inspire you: "copying from a single author is plagiarism, copying from several is research." You can use a phrase or a phrase that you liked.

"Good artists copy, great artists steal" Picasso.
Think also of the works of Einstein, Picasso, Bill Gates, Giacometti ...

Here is a sentence by Gaston Leroux, considered one of the most beautiful of the French language and which will remind you of a sentence of the introduction: "The presbytery has lost none of its charm, nor the garden of Its brilliance ".


If you are an architect, you should read about architecture. You must read what corresponds to your domain in order to know and handle jargon with ease.
But also, read articles, interviews or news. You will see how to create suspense, provoke emotions or how opinions are supported by facts.


Especially at the age of the internet, I have found writing tools like WriteMyEssayOnline.
Your writing will be more lively, faster and clear if you write small paragraphs. The reader will welcome the pause between two paragraphs.
Your thoughts will be organized and better expressed. You and the reader will find it easier to locate the ideas.


Writing is no more a visual art than composing music.
Write is to create music. The words you write have a sound, and when these sounds come together in harmony, the text comes alive as if by magic.
This may evoke Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 or "Satisfaction". It's up to you to decide.
To realize this, you only have to write and listen to a few Alexandra.


This sentence has five words. Here we have five words. Short sentences are good. Several in a row is monotonous. Listen to what's going on. Because many sets are annoying. It's like a striped disc. The ear demands variety. Now listen. I vary the length of the sentences, and I create a symphony. A symphony.

The writing sings. She has a captivating rhythm, a rhythm, a harmony. I use short sentences. And I use sentences of average length. And sometimes, when I am certain that the reader is well rested, I embark him in a long sentence, a phrase which burns with energy, built with the impulse of a crescendo, a drum roll, and the crash of Cymbals - sounds that say listen to this is important.

So write with a mixture of short, medium and long sentences. Create a sound that sounds to the reader's ear. Do not just write words. Compose a music.

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Vivek Gururani has been a digital marketer, content strategist, and social media expert. Over the years, he has been helping small businesses and startups in improving website design, building social media presence and user experience.