In these financially troublesome times it is important to think about how to make your business more profitable and how to improve cash flow. Some ideas include:

1. Cut backs. You are probably used to the phrase “cut backs” as many households are having to do a similar thing, but it is important to think about cutting back on your business expenditure.

Consider every aspect of your outgoings, from staff training and development to how much you spend on the coffee and milk. Some businesses are making staff bring in their own teabags and sugar for their coffee breaks, a simple cut back which doesn’t break your employee’s bank but saves you potentially hundreds or thousands a year depending on the size of your business. This will improve your cash flow and ensure you are maximising your profits.

2. Get a short term business loan. Unsecured small business loans are available through banks or online. You could apply for a merchant cash advance, a new and alternative type of business finance which you pay back through a fixed percentage of your credit and debit card payments. This is a flexible way to borrow money, and could really help with cash flow problems as well as paying off current debts or bills.

3. Maximise your online potential. Using your online presence to help sell more stock is something many businesses are deciding to do. This is because the costs of running a website are relatively small compared with the prices of keeping a shop location open. It is also a way of reaching more people across the globe, rather than being restricted with selling out of a location or a certain street.

4. Hires graduates and students. Many graduates and students have a great range of useful skills as well as fresh thinking and innovative ideas, something which all businesses need. They are also not that expensive to hire because they are fresh out of university so their salaries will not be that demanding.

You can locate graduates from universities by advertising on their notice boards or on student websites. Try hiring students in the summer time when they are looking for jobs as well as valuable work experience for their CVs.

5. Look out for new opportunities. If something isn’t selling, it is best to move onto something else. You should always look out for new opportunities which could maximise your cash flow and expand on your business.

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