When you start a business, your goal at some point is to grow your business. There are various ways to grow your business. One is to grow organically by increasing the services that your business offers, going international to grab new markets, and increasing targeted marketing.

Growing Through Mergers and Acquisitions

All the above ways to grow your business can take quite a long time. A faster route for growth would be to acquire or merge with an existing firm. All you need to do is to find competitors within or outside your industry and leverage their strengths to get ahead.

You can also do mergers and acquisitions outside the borders of your country. The UAE is one of the most lucrative business areas favored among entrepreneurs and investors.

Several factors determine the success of a merger or acquisition. These include finding a suitable venture for partnership, understanding foreign jurisdictions, negotiating a good deal, and running your business smoothly. When you need to establish a successful merger or acquisition in the UAE, it is best to get private equity advice In UAE to aid a smooth transition.

Top Benefits of International Mergers and Acquisitions

First, mergers and acquisitions are much cheaper to establish. Instead of investing in your own facilities, you will buy or merge with another company.

The second benefit of international mergers especially in the UAE is that you get access to skilled labor force. The UAE’s strict regulations on international mergers and acquisitions require companies to retain employees. Since those employees have special skills related to their jurisdiction, you can get access to valuable skills.

Other benefits include access to a wider market and an increase in the portfolio of services offered by a company.

How to Identify a Lucrative Merger Opportunity

How do you identify a company that makes a good candidate for a merger? Here are 5 ways:

1.A niche-specific company

For a large company that wants to expand into a particular niche, buying out a small company that is operating in that niche is an excellent way to venture out. It is best to wait until such a company has done all the hard groundwork and established a sure market so that you can jump in to acquire it. That way, you can avoid incurring the risks associated with startup procedures.

2.Potential for growth

Some companies have a very high potential for growth, only that they lack the required financing to get ahead.
Some aspects of a business that is likely to enjoy high growth are; high demand for its products, the product lines are highly profitable, and the ability to weather economic uncertainties.

You can also identify opportunities to increase service offerings or the range of customers served. A business that has either one or both of these factors is a good choice for a merger or acquisition.

3.A clean history

Investors and shareholders require a smooth transition. That is one of the factors that you should consider when looking for a merger or acquisition partner. For one, the company should have steady operations or at least clear demand patterns.

It should also have a regular revenue stream. That would require that they have organized financial statements since their inception, which you can easily follow through to study their performance over the years.

Avoid companies with a questionable history, for example, those that have been declared bankrupt in the past, have had cases of corruption or financial misuse, are deep in debt, or have lost major customers.

4.An experienced team of managers and employees

When you are carrying out an international merger or acquisition, some jurisdictions require you to maintain the current workforce. That may be a favorable or unfavorable move for your business depending on the quality and number of employees your business needs.

When choosing a company, go for one with a highly qualified team of employees especially managers who are already experienced in running the business. That can make it easier for you to transition to the new business.

5.The asking price is reasonable

Before you acquire a company, you have to gauge its value based on particular industry metrics. Common metrics include sales, profits, returns on investment, the debt load, the risk of facing a lawsuit, and so on. Once you check all these factors, you can easily determine if the asking price is reasonable and profitable.

Final Words

Mergers and acquisitions can be a quick way to grow your business. Choosing the most suitable business to either acquire or merge with is a difficult and life-altering decision for your business. This is especially true when your candidate is an international business, for example, in the popular UAE region. If you are stuck in any part of the process, you can seek advice from an advisory firm.

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