Addiction is a subtle disorder, that can swiftly hold quickly in some of the cases, mainly after long-term substance abuse and affects the addicted person’s body and mind. So, treatment to addiction is obligatory. As addicted individuals have certain similarities but each case is unique.

Any addiction will cause changes to your body and brain as well. Your body and mind need time to heal from the addiction and adjust your life without substances. There are many things that you can do in the meantime to help your body heal.

It’s important to find ways to work on body and mind.


Water – It is necessary to drink plenty of water every day, As, our body mostly consists of water and to keep the organs in good working order water needs to recharge. According to latest research men drink 13 cups of water and women drink 9 cups in a day.

ExerciseDepression is quiet common for people recovering from addiction. But, remember that regular exercise will definitely reduce the depression. As exercise make you feel good and confident.

Proper nutrition – There are many reasons for not getting proper nutrition during active addiction, like lack of money or tendency to eat properly. So, due to these reasons, the level of essential nutrients decreases in the body that needs to be increased and functioned properly. It’s very important to get a balanced diet with perfect guidance.

Supplements- Sometimes, even after a perfect balanced diet and proper nutrition there is an inadequate variety of foods to fill your body with all minerals and vitamins required in the human body.
So, counter supplements are the one that can help some problems that quiet common among recovery. Being under the guidance of a doctor while taking vitamins and minerals is important.

Healing the Mind

DepressionDepression is the deep feeling of pain. To overcome depression, one has to stop trying to find the cause for it. Try to let go of the things that hurt you and make your pain more painful. Be aware of the truth that nothing can be changed and now it’s just a past. Try to focus on the upcoming things in your life. Surround yourself with happiness. Take necessary therapy that can help you to work on letting go of the past and learn to think more positively.

Anxiety - Feeling anxious and going through uncontrollable fear for the upcoming things in future. To fight against anxiety, one must focus on the present and live in the moment. To diminish the symptoms of anxiety, one must move forward with breathing exercises, meditation and yoga for relaxation.

Guilt and Shame – Addicts feel guilty, when they are aware about their enormous mistakes, their active addiction. And feel shameful at the same time for indulging in wrong addiction. They feel sorry and apologies to the ones who were hurt in this process. And try to cover up the wrong things, by doing something good for them. In most of the cases families had suffered a lot. So, to overcome all the loss, addicts should consult an Intervention specialist who help families to work together to accomplish more than they would have on their own.

Self-esteem – A positive self-talk can improve your self-esteem. It is an exercise to build confidence in yourself and work over your low self-esteem. Pin point the good qualities in yourself and start appreciating it.

Cravings – The best way to overcome cravings is to talk about them, gain knowledge and share with others. As, it is normal for an addicted person to have cravings. But keeping it to yourself and not sharing it with others will not help you. Many addicts understand and can cope up with them while others join Narcotics Anonymous meetings. Make yourself aware about the negative impacts of addiction.

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