Top 5 Productivity Hacks

Do you want to be more productive, but don’t know how?
Then you are in luck as this month’s Top 5 is how to become more productive during your daily routine.

#1: Power Naps

Feel like your mind is done for the day? Overworked? And Overwhelmed?
Power naps are the best way to rejuvenate yourself as long as you don’t go over 30 minutes. Doing so enters you into a deeper sleep that causes the grogginess people feel after waking up and why they hate naps.

#2: Take a Break

Take at least 3 major breaks a day. This helps invigorate your mind and rally your thoughts to get back to work 2x as strong. Have one in the morning when you first wake up to get the mental juices flowing. The second in the afternoon and should involve a light exercise or yoga. And the final one is in the evening to recharge for tomorrow.

#3: Make a Work Plan

Find your optimal amount of time to work before you need a mini-break. This could be anywhere from a ratio of 2 hours to 1 hour, 25 min to 5 min, or any other combination that is optimal for you. The key is to maintain the pace and not let up.

#4: Use Timers

Time everything you do to ensure your meeting your productivity goals. Once you’re done timing, go back and find out what helped and what heeded you in meeting your goal.

#5: Change Your Environment

The human mind needs change. And working in the same environment can cause the mind to get into a rut. Which causes your productivity to suffer because there is nothing to engage your mind and make it work, learn, and adapt. Therefore, find 3 or 4 different places to work from and rotate through them to keep your mind fresh and working.

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