A relationship never ends up happily. Though you might say it was all about mutual understanding but at some point, you regret what you lose.

You still feel for your ex and you miss him/her. Somehow you feel inside your heart that if you could get the voodoo for love! Sometimes the magic spells may literally come if you try doing some things and those actually work.

Voodoo love spell, white magic etc. are some powerful magic tricks that people use to get their exes back.

Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. But I am not going to talk about those spells right now rather I’m going to give you some tips so that you can try to get your ex-partner back with all your effort.

If it’s been a long time since you break up then try contacting your ex but don’t show any desperation through your attitude. And if it’s been some days, then do not rush to contact.

Give your ex-partner some space and make him/her feel and miss you. Who knows, after some days he/she might come back to you.

Make your ex feel jealous. You might try hanging out with friends and other girls/boys.

If you do this, your ex might think that you are living your life happily ever after the breakup and it has not left any impact on you. So, your ex would definitely feel your absence and will feel jealous of not being with you and being the part of your happiness.

All these will work if it was your ex’s faults while breakup.

If it was your fault then you should try different ways. You need to discuss with your ex-partner about the problems and mistakes and need to convince with promising him/her to be the right person once again.

Be that person to whom your ex fell in love with.

Do not rush up things and take more times to reconcile because this decision might again be a disaster.

You both need to change positively and the change should start with you. Do not allow lack of communication, lack of caring and lack of honesty. Start compromising and try to start a whole new chapter forgetting the past.

Do not talk about what’s happened just focus on the present & the future. These all will help definitely!

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