Instagram has become one of the most popular social media. People are always trying to reach more people on Instagram and more like/ comments mean more engagements. But the thing is – the newsfeed of this site is not sorted according to time and date. So, if you want to keep your post on the top list, you should have more engagements of audiences. More comments will help you to get more. For this, you have to try hard to get like and comments. Now I am going to share 5 ways to get more Instagram comments.

Use caption to ask for comments
Studies show that users, who ask for comments on the caption, get more comments than the average users. Asking for comments directly does not look good. You can do it indirectly using tricky thinking. You can write “leave your opinion below” instead of writing “Comment please”. You can use conflicting captions to encourage people to leave their personal opinion on the topic.

Use overlay text
Instagram is a picture based social media. People visit the site to see wonderful photos of persons and things. If you notice the newsfeed, you can see the difference between Instagram and other social media. The captions are not focused here because a picture is more important than the captions. So, in order to focus on the text, you can overlay them on the picture. In this case, you have to be conscious of the total view of the image. Don’t spoil it with the text. In this way, the text will be focused and you will get more comments.

Be active in responding
Commenting is not as easier as liking. It takes more effort and time. So, a commenter deserves a response from you. Reply to their comment warmly. A reply will encourage them to comment more. In every response, write something like query so that they have to reply again. With the advancement of the process, you will be friendly to them and they will feel free to comment in the next post.

Use hashtags
Use the most relevant hashtags which describe your photos most. Hashtags are extremely important to get more like comments. But remember to make your profile public. Hashtags help people to get in touch of your posts. The more people get your post, the more comments you will get. Search for popular hashtags and use them properly.

Buy auto comments
The last and most important trick is- buy Instagram auto comments now. It is the easiest way to get a lot of comments instantly. You can use to boost your post. This will save your precious time. It will make you or your company well-known overnight just with one-click. More comments will surely earn a lot of comments in the long run.

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