There are about as many different tips to changing yourself as there are people in the world, and every time someone is born they add another tip to the jar. So with that being said, here are some of my tips for how you can change the person you currently are to the person you want to be.

1. You are who you believe yourself to be. Put simply, if you believe you’re an honest person you will be compelled to be honest. This is more than lip service however, you must be honest with yourself when analyzing the way you feel about yourself.

2. You are your associations. Ever notice how similar you and your friends behave, how your lives begin to take the same shape. If not then you probably don’t spend much time around them so look at the people you do spend a lot of time with. The phrase birds of a feather flock together is true, and where else would you expect to find a diehard Tennis enthusiast but at the Tennis Court with others like them. This also explains why when you change up your habits or try to change yourself in general the people you spend the most time with have the biggest problem with it. That’s because you are no longer a bird of their feather.

3. Your present is the sum of the choices of your past. Whether or not you choose to accept it, your present is in some way, shape, or form a result of your past actions and choices. If you have been an adult for the last 5 years or more then we can also safely say that you have had a direct or indirect influence on those choices. If you want to brighten your future, make better choices in the present; because your present is a gift that isn’t fully appreciated until a future date.

4. Your Attitude determines your altitude. This is a John Maxwell quote here and can be interpreted in a number of different useful ways. One being if you have a positive attitude and a positive outlook then your life continues to climb and soar. If you have a negative attitude and a negative outlook then the ground is the limit.

5. You need people. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve met that has done everything they could do to make it and they still aren’t quite there yet. My diagnosis is simple; they have done everything THEY can do. No man is an island, and no one can get anywhere by themselves. If the people around you are a problem then it’s just that, the people around you, not all people, don’t get it twisted or confused, you do need people.

More than a few of these ideas are addressed in the video blog section of this site which can be accessed by hovering over the Think Free Be Free Blog icon. Changes in philosophy in any of these five areas can result in a change in your life. Think about it and give it a go, the worse that can happen is you stay the same way you are now. Tell me your tips and what you think in the comments below, and remember to like and share this and other articles with your friends via the Twitter clicker or the Face book icon.

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Author's Bio: 

Patrick is a native of Tallahassee, Florida. Born into a not so wealthy family Patrick, the youngest of three, was raised by his single mother.

Although the youngest, as the only boy soon to be man, Patrick found himself growing up rather quickly. Feeling the burden of manhood and seeing himself as the monarch of his family Patrick ventured out into world to fend for himself as well as his family. There he found trouble by what is considered quick money. Caught up with an interest to support and desire to play by his own rules, Patrick found himself faced with drug dealers, the law and other less then desirable influences.

After a series of negative events, including loss of a scholarship behind preparation to care for his unborn child; Patrick decided to attempt a change in lifestyle. He joined the military. There he was introduced to several new things such as: helping teenagers through his involvement as a track coach for a local middle school; and as a business strategic planning expert through his knowledge of Lean Six Sigma.

After attendance of several leadership and personal growth and development conferences, Patrick found his perspective regarding his outlook on life changing. He took up a fascination with the young adult community, as well as business affairs and consulting. Patrick’s strong desire to empower others to reach their potential has become his driving force, and he hopes his story will inspire, motivate, and change peoples lives.