Yes, SEO is booming and yes businesses have realized its potential and are now running in a stampede towards applying SEO tactics to their webpages. With the rise of remote working and as a result, the influx of businesses online, the light is shining brighter than ever on SEO analysts and SEO experts. Business and entrepreneurs want professionals that will help them perform better online. They are opting out of the magazine paper ad and reaching out to a link-building company to help them with backlinks and traffic to their website. Gone are the days of relying on just one form of content, now businesses -egged on by digital marketers- are creating and implementing a wide array of content marketing, putting content out in all shapes and sizes for their customers and followers to enjoy.

That is the way now, and that is the way moving forward. So as a business or a brand what can you do to catch up in the race to the top of Google’s search rankings? For starters, you read this, so that you can learn the 5 ways to use SEO properly on your website.

#5- Excellent Copywriting

You need excellent copywriting on your website for a number of reasons. Firstly, you want your customer or visitor to understand what you’re saying. They should be able to tell what your business is for, your services, and also be convinced why they should purchase your product. Second of all, excellent copywriting is a must because of a key SEO aspect and that is keywords. Keywords are the words used by your website visitors when they search for a product, service, or inquiry on search engines like Google. Google uses keywords to identify and rank websites. If your website performs well in certain keywords then Google will begin to rank your website higher on its search engine results page. A copywriter’s role is to fill your website with the right amount of keywords, and do so in a casual way, so that Google picks up on it and up-ranks your website, instead of penalizing it for abuse.

#4- Link Building

The best SEO analyst will tell you that link-building is essential if you want to grow your website’s online presence. The way link building works is that you will a link to your website published on another website. SEO analysts usually do this through blog content. The purpose is -of course- to have people click on the link on the host website and be directed back to your website. This type of link is referred to as a “backlink” and Google preferences these links a lot. That’s why the more backlinks that lead back to your website, the better your chances of ranking higher on Google’s search engine results page. A link-building company can help you generate more backlinks to your website, which is why it’s a good idea to reach out to one and work with them to improve your SEO performance.

#3- Use Various Forms of Content

As we mentioned in the intro, Content Marketing is without a doubt the ruling form of marketing in the present digital age. The reason why is simple, straightforward, and is the following: people LOVE content. Videos, infographics, social media content, blogs, anything that is readable, watchable, audible, and shareable. Internet users today are in a constant urge for information and entertainment that they scour the trenches of the online world in search of such forms of education or leisure. As a business owner, you should position yourself by creating your own unique forms of content, and posting them regularly on your website and social media accounts. The more engaging and useful your content is, the more likely it that you will drive people towards your webpage, and feed your website traffic.

A lot of marketers rely on content today because of its ability to spread like wildfire once it has soundly resonated with the viewer. Your priority should be to create content that engages the audience while at the same time promotes your brand and call the reader into action (visit our website, subscribe now, etc…)

#2- Core Web Vitals

Another SEO gambit that you can use to up the traffic to your website is by focusing on what Google calls your core web vitals. In simple terms, core web vitals are 3 key important traits that you need to focus on that not only improve your search engine rankings but also improves your overall website performance. The core web vitals that you need to focus on are your website’s load speed, responsiveness, visual stability. How long it takes for your website to load entirely, or how long it takes for the page to redirect after a user has clicked on a link, all these things matter when discussing search engine optimization, and driving traffic to your website. This is why you need to focus on improving these areas if you are lacking in them. Google put’s huge emphasis on core web vitals and is actually a key metric that the search engine goliath uses when measuring a website’s performance and efficiency. So if you’re looking to get on Google’s good side, optimizing your core web vitals would be a good place to start.

#1- Create a Cycle of Traffic Diversion

What do we mean by “create a cycle of traffic diversion”? Well, to put it simply, we mean that every online pitstop that your business has should be diverting traffic to your website. Meaning if I am a user on social media gauging your social media profile, there should be key indicators and clear calls to action telling me to visit your website. The same goes for any content that you create or advertisement that you put out. You should always find the opportunity to divert traffic to your website so that you can increase your search engine ranking, and effectively increase your leads and, in turn, your sales.

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