In B2B lead generation, most sales leads prospects would prefer buying from cheaper providers. Given how difficult it could be to generate cash, a lot of would want to get more at a lower cost. And when it comes to prices, your company may not be able to compete effectively, especially if all your competition are rocking way lower price tags. Want to throw in the towel? Not yet. In fact, this should be an opportunity for you and your B2B appointment setting team to use your strongest assets. You do not have to compete with price, mind you. Sometimes, the best way to get more customers is by:

1. Focus on features – usually, cheaper competition are all basic or mundane in their services. You can up the ante by offering potential B2B leads feature-packed products and services that add value to their businesses. Focus on elements in your offer that is absent in the competition. Usually, customers would be willing to shell out more if they could get the features that they need.

2. Focus on quality – this is a philosophy that I have always believed in: ‘buy cheap, waste deep’. There are times that I have fallen victim to buying cheaper products or services, only to end up spending more for replacements. There are even cases that I have to go to more expensive providers in the end because my initial purchases would just not cut. It would have been better had I just gone for the more expensive, but quality, lead generation services providers.

3. Focus on convenience – this is true for retail or stores, where cheaper outlets would normally be found in hard to reach places. If your customers really want to get what they need, at the time and place of their convenience, then they would not mind spending more to get just that. Offer your prospects certain conveniences, like easier purchase, faster customer support, or the ease of reselling your offering. These would be very valuable for a lot of marketers.

4. Focus on the relationship – this would be useful for those who have a pre-existing relationship with business prospects. Cheaper competition may have its allure, but on focusing on how you established a connection with them, how you were there to help them consistently and satisfactorily, then you can place yourself in a better position against the competition. But to make this work, you have to make sure that you deliver from the very start.

5. Focus on your strategic connection – ever wonder why some companies never part with each other? It is probably due to the strategic partnership that they have established. You can protect your connection with customers by making yourself valuable in their business processes. Once you do that, it would be harder for your competition to steal them from you.

Cheap competition should not be a problem for you. As long as you can establish yourself as the leader in your industry or in your market, then your B2B lead generation campaign would perform better.

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