It’s a stressful moment when your car remote isn’t working as expected. However, before you tear the remote apart to find a solution, you have to be sure isn’t working. As you rush to get somewhere, there’s a likelihood of making mistakes making you believe the car remote has failed to work. Perhaps you reached for a wrong key or pressed the wrong button. You have to assess the situation to be sure that your remote does not work. Below is how to be sure your car remote is not working.

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Inconsistent performance

A car remote that doesn’t work consistently means there’re underlying issues with the remote battery. Perhaps you have to press a button multiple times before executing an action. The chances are high that the battery is weak or internal connections are damaged. Alternatively, you might notice that you need to come closer to your car for the remote to work. Having to bring the transmitter and receiver too close for the remote to work is a sign that the batter has a problem. The transmitter sends a low signal when the battery is low.

Spare key not working

You need a spare key for situations like a lockout. Thus, the performance of a spare remote can tell if you have a battery problem or it’s another problem. Use the spare and original key to tell the problem with your remote. If the spare works better than the original, it means the battery is weak. When both keys have the same issue, then the car receiver has a problem. However, it might also be a problem with the remote battery if you got the original and spare key at the same time. Both might be having weak batteries.

Aftermarket remote not programmed

If your aftermarket car key wasn’t programmed to work with your vehicle, it makes the remote fail to work. It’s better to entrust an auto locksmith in Norman to program your remote to work with your vehicle. It limits unauthorized access to your car when someone has a remote corresponding to your car brand and model. Alternatively, the remote might not work because the spare wasn’t programmed before handing it over to you. Always entrust a reliable locksmith to make the spare and program it before handing it over.

Unresponsive remote

Is your spare key working fine? Then, your remote receiver has no problem. It means the car receives and executes commands successfully from the remote. The chances are high that the problem is with the battery or the transmitter. It’s hard to gauge the effectiveness of a transmitter when the remote is unresponsive. The solution is to replace the batteries but if the problem persists, it means the transmitter is faulty.

Broken pieces in the remote

Finally, disassemble the remote to look for broken pieces if it fails to work after replacing the battery. Luckily taking the remote apart and putting it back together is an easy job. You just have to disconnect and reconnect the two key halves. However, it’s better to call a trusted locksmith who knows how to do it better.

Final thoughts

To get out of the stress moment when your remote fails, ensure to call a trusted locksmith to come to your rescue. The technician will arrive swiftly with appropriate equipment to diagnose your remote and find an appropriate solution to get you out of the lockout scenario.

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