When people learn that I am a professional organizer, they often ask me what my favorite ‘organizing tips’ are that I like to use with my clients. Many are surprised when I tell them that some of my favorite tips – and those I believe can most impact their productivity and organization - don’t involve any organizing!

1. Get sleep! - Ever notice how the world looks different after a solid 8 hours? Consistent quality sleep is so critical to organization and life management that we make it a priority at Profound Impact to discuss sleep habits with our clients at every organizing session. Napping is good too! Check out this article on napping and take a sleep quiz too!

2. Monitor the flow of in vs. out - Keep an eye on how much 'stuff' is coming into your home vs. going out of it. Eliminate the sources of junk mail, catalogs, and whatever else you can prevent from making its way in. Make it easy for items to flow out by stashing donation bags in your closets, car, and basement.

3. Pat yourself on the back - OFTEN! Remind yourself regularly that you really are doing the best that you can, where you are, and with what you have. You really aren't going to be able to accomplish everything on your list (sometimes even 1 thing!) everyday. Keeping the self criticism to a minimum goes a long way toward maximizing your energy and motivation.

4. Be realistic - Allow your organizing goals to work within the reality of your life. Pristine, color-coordinated closets, pile-free counter tops, and a perfectly adhered to calendar are not something many of us can maintain. Balance works in both directions.

5. Leave energy for you - If you give away all of your energy to work, family, your partner, and your friends, then you've got nothing left to give and run the risk of burning out. It is critical to give yourself the time to enjoy life in a way that re-energizes you so that you can maintain the level of productivity and organization you desire. Create a block of time each week to spend as YOU please.

Author's Bio: 

Julie Gray is a seasoned space organizer, coach, and productivity adviser for exhausted overachievers who are ready to stop the cycle without sacrificing success and find the time and energy to get more out life.

Julie’s unique expertise is in harmonizing your space, time, AND energy in order to optimize your productivity and drive faster, more impactful results. Her comprehensive system creates more time in your day, and is designed to evolve along with your ever-changing life.