Most moms want to continue working harder at their parenting skills and connecting with their children as they grow and develop. Although there's not a particular formula or a book that will tell you how to be the perfect parent, there are a few ways to become a better mom. You may not have all of the answers, but there are several tips to follow to become a better mother.

Unplug from Technology

Distractions can make it difficult to hear your child and be there for them when you spend too much time on your smartphone or computer. Make it a point to unplug from technology at a certain time each night to stay more connected to your kids and practice the art of being present.


It may not come easily to play pretend with your little ones or throw a ball back and forth in the backyard, but learning how to play will allow them to feel cared for while having a bit of fun.

Allow Your Child to Make Mistakes

Allowing your child to make mistakes and learn from their errors will help them to forgive themselves easily as develop into adults. Practice having extra patience to ensure that your child doesn't feel rushed or pressured to learn how to use a sippy cup or learn how to use a potty.


Communicating with your child is essential to maintain a close relationship with one another and help them to feel comfortable coming to you with different issues that they may be facing. Remain vulnerable when it comes to your past experiences or lessons that you've learned in life to establish trust with your little one and help them to feel close to you.

Avoid Using Food for Praise or Comfort

Using treats or dessert to reward your child for their good behavior or when they learn how to use the potty will only encourage them to use food as a form of comfort. Instead, opt for hugging your child or giving them a bit of encouragement.


When you want to be a better mom, there are a few changes that you can make that will prove to be useful over the years. By remaining conscious of your decisions, it'll be easier to raise a child that becomes mature and independent to ensure that you become proud of the individual that they develop into over time.

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