Sex is an essential, physical expression of love! It is often seen in the context of a meaningful, lasting, love relationship. It is more of emotional experience and how the partners feel about each other determines and influences their sexual desire and performance level. It satisfies our sexual drive, reassures partners of being loved and above all, serves as a way of expressing love and commitment.

The art of being good in bed is a marvellous skill that will result in you and your partner have great orgasms, feel passionate about your relationship, especially when you live far away from each other. Once you master these, sex will be an awesome experience for both of you!

The following are 5 enticing tips to be better in bed:

1.Erotic massage

Arousing a loving partner is rarely a difficult and tough job. A great way to arouse and excite them is by an erotic, sensuous and titillating massage. An erotic and seductive massage can stimulate your partner’s sexual desire.

Caress and fondle your loved one gently with your hands or with a massage oil. With your tantric touch you can send his pleasure and satisfaction soaring. This little sweet torture builds your partners’s anticipation and when you finally set out to make love every move and touch of yours will be extra delicious for them. Begin by stroking with your hands than with your hair followed by your breasts or chest to quickly excite and tantalize your partner.

Ask you sweetheart to lay on their back and start massaging their legs, stomach, inner thighs, chest and nipples. Now pour some massage oil on his intimate area and gently massage and squeeze this sensitive area. An intimate massage in this erogenous zone will make them go crazy with excitement.

2.Take the charge

There is always one partner who like to take the lead in sex. Even the one who usually take a lead, also love when their partner takes the charge from time to time.
Your confident and assertive approach towards sex will in fact surprise and excite them. You can start your fantasy play by seducing your loved one, stripping them and deciding on the positions. When you take the lead you are showing your partner that you are really enjoying yourself and trying to making them enjoy too. This reversal role will excite them more and also enable you to explore and express your powerful sexuality.

3.Look good in bed

If you are a woman wear sexy lingerie that enhances your sex appeal and makes you look good too. As arousal starts with the eyes it is essential that you look good and sexy for your partner. Seeing the voluptuous curves of your body through the thin and flimsy nightdress can set his pulses rising.

As a man, you should invest in good quality underwear as well. Yes, sexy underwear can make you look incredibly dazzling, enhance your sex life and stop one of the common reasons for cheating!

Hence make sure you wear sexy clothes that complement your body. You can also go a bit extreme and dress outrageously as men are turned on by what they see. Remember that even sexy underwear can tease and tickle your partner to give the most exciting and pleasurable experience.

4. Try new positions

Never go through the same moves and same positions each time. Be creative and try out new postures and positions for sex. This will make sex more exciting and thrilling for both of you. Experimenting and trying out new positions and seeing how they feel like is a real fun experience.
Use of sex toys to discover his erogenous regions can stimulate your partner and add extra pleasure to their orgasm. Leave your comfort zone and be creative in your sex life by experimenting and experiencing new erotic positions.

5. Initiate sex

If your partner is the one who usually initiate sex, it will be a pleasant surprise for them if you take the turn to initiate sex. It’s very sexy to interact and fantasize about a partner who knows what he or she really want and knows how to get it.
Sex is more than physical closeness – it is an emotional adventure and pleasurable exploration. If you initiate the sexual spark you will be able to please them better and you will also feel more pleasurable and enjoyable. You can start from sexting from your work about what you going to do when you finally see your loved one.

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Patrick Banks is a self-development writer and relationship coach. His passion is to help busy men and women of all ages find true fulfilment from social interactions. He regularly shares his thoughts and advice on sexuality at Wingman Magazine.