In business, having a strong training base is important, and so is having a strategic plan for your company going forward. However, if you can dovetail your training program with your company’s strategic plans, then the fusion of two positive aspects of your business can mean serious leaps forward in terms of the success of the business. The question is of course, how do we create this alignment with the minimum of discomfort and disruption?

On the job training

If you can offer on the job training to your workforce, you make the notion of aligning training and company strategy far easier. Because the company ethos and strategy is being played out day in, day out as the company moves forward, it makes tallying the two easier. An employee will be experiencing the strategy going forward first hand, while the training takes place, which essentially means that he or she is learning both the new training regime and the company strategy at the same time.

Create individual training for individual jobs

Some companies offer general training for all staff, but individual training programs for individual workers can help when it comes to tailoring training to match company strategy. With individuals trained for their specific purpose in that company, it is easier for the company to stick to their original strategy.

List business goals and assess the current training against the list
A good strategy is normally a fairly simple one, which should mean that individual goals of the company can be represented easily. Once this is done, it can be used as a checklist against the training that is currently on going. For instance, if a business goal is to reduce product waste in a wine merchant, you would perhaps look to introduce training designed to help warehouse staff to transport cases of wine safely, thus avoiding breakages that can lead to waste.

Simplify training – and strategy

Aligning strategy and training becomes a difficult challenge if your training schedule is complicated and bitty. For most companies, it is better to focus on the basics to ensure a blanket performance level. Likewise, if a complicated and messy strategy is in place for the whole company, it is going to be nigh on impossible to match your training to it. Think carefully about how you want to see your company progress before tackling this.

Work towards success

It may sound obvious, but part of any company’s strategy should be to be successful, so you really need to look at your training regime to make sure that there are clear ways for your staff to learn to be better employees. If you are only telling them about health and safety in the workplace, then you are only scratching the surface. Look at the way your company works, assess what really helps you to achieve success, and find a way to train your staff to achieve it more often.

The alignment of your training regime and your business strategy is never going to be straight forward. It takes concentration and hard work. All you really have to do is to analyze both of these things and make sure they are in harmony with each other. Clear business goals and a well-oiled training regime will put you well on your way to running a much smoother business operation.

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Dana has over 25 years of experience in all facets of learning, training and development in the fields of business, academia and government.

Dana's knowledge and experience provides him with a solid understanding of the myriad factors involved in training and development, their dynamics, and how they interact to enhance or detract from a successful learning environment. His knowledge of the learning process enables him to work effectively with subject matter experts to design and develop customized training programs in a wide range of industries.