There is no industry where customer service is more important than in real estate. It has been proven that a large number of real estate clients are lost owing to poor customer service. When a real estate company fails to provide excellent customer service, it runs the danger of losing a significant number of transactions.

In spite of the advanced innovations in technology and the integration of concepts like virtual real estate in the sector, success requires compassionate, patient-client service from a devoted agent, as well as a competent, polished, and motivated office team. In business, customer service is a highly valued notion. When it comes to selling real estate, though, things are a little different: your clients do not pay you directly, which makes it difficult to tell where the boundary between the service provider and the consumer should be drawn.

Despite this disparity, excellent customer service helps you to differentiate yourself from rivals, whilst poor service merely jeopardises your reputation. Real estate agents must use effective techniques to improve the quality of their client service in today's highly competitive industry. So, let’s take a look at a few ways real estate agents can provide good customer service.

  1. Anticipate Client Needs

Proactive real estate agents anticipate the wants and questions of their clients. It's an unpredictable era, and buying a home is a significant financial commitment. Encourage your staff to get to know their clients, learn what matters to them, and aim to exceed their expectations. Going above and beyond tells a customer that they are significant and appreciated, which leads to loyalty, recommendations, and long-term agent/client relationships.

  1. Be Upfront and Honest

Clients value an honest and forthright real estate agent. If there may be delays in closure due to the pandemic, inform clients so they can plan accordingly. If the property needs work to achieve the greatest potential sale price, be open and honest about what changes might assist speed up the process. Assist your customers in understanding what is necessary for showings in the current pandemic environment, like real estate virtual tours, so that you may maintain compliance with government rules during this difficult period. Ensure that your staff is informed about any changes to pandemic-related rules and best practices on a regular basis.

  1. Provide Actionable Suggestions

Your duty as a service provider is to assist clients in resolving issues. As a result, don't give canned responses to clients' inquiries. Instead, provide practical ideas, such as how to freshen up the interior of the home so it sells faster or how to increase the curb appeal of a home or property. Also, be honest, genuine, and polite in your responses to clients' inquiries. As a result, their service experience will be more seamless.

  1. Keep Clients Informed

Throughout the process, inform clients of what you're doing. If you're selling a home, make sure your potential buyers are aware of your plans. You don't want customers phoning you for information. Instead, prioritise them and tailor your communications to their preferences. If they want to be updated through phone, do so. If they want to communicate by email, go ahead and do so. Your efforts will be appreciated by your clients.

  1. Empower Potential Clients

One approach to empower customers is to assist them in self-help. It's a good idea to offer financial literacy seminars and virtual site visits to help clients understand their alternatives. As a result, consider having qualified speakers discuss important real estate subjects such as the home market's prognosis or short-sale seminars. Potential clients can be converted into customers by doing things like this.

So, there you have it – following these 5 tips will help you sustain your current clients and also acquire new ones. You will not only boost your business’s customer service but also build customer loyalty.

Not just the ideas themselves, but also the feedback you get from putting them into practice, may help you improve your customer service approach and grow your business.

All the best!

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