Why is it important to have self-belief? Well if you do not have self-belief how do you expect others to believe in you? For example imagine you are interviewing someone to be your children's nanny, and everything was going fine until she said that she will not hold the baby in case she drops it. Would you hire a nanny who did not have the confidence to hold a baby? How could you trust her to do anything right when it came down to looking after your children. The fact is she had the confidence to go to the interview, but her fear of dropping the baby was in conflict with her confidence.

Without self-belief you are incapable of changing your life for the better. Say you are in a job you detest and your boss is a total twat, but you are too scared to leave because you believe you cannot do anything. With that kind of negative mind-set you will continue to do the same mundane things in your life and by doing the same mundane things in your life leads to having the same mundane results in your life. Only by direct action to change your life will lead to different life changing results.

When I was younger I went for many job interviews, I was sent by the government training schemes, but because I was very shy I didn't get any of them - I must have been bad because they didn't even have to pay me.... Then I finely got a job as a dog's body to the secretaries of Cooper's and Lybrand, the chartered accountants. I learnt my typing and computer skills while I worked there for over a month, but I was only getting paid by the government which,as you know, is a pittance. I was still shy and while one part of me wanted to do something different with my life the other part of me was too scared to change. Finely though I got so fed up of working for a big co-operation for peanuts, I left and got a night job with my brother, which paid very well. The point I am making is that even if you are too scared to change your life, there will come a time in your life that will become so unbearable that even if you are very shy you will take action to change your life for the better.

Below are 5 ways on how to gain an integrated self-belief:

1. Identify two conflicting beliefs you have, i.e. part of you may desire to be more confident, but another part of you may want to stay safe by still holding on to the fearful part of yourself.

2. Now place your hands out in front of you, palms up and imagine the confident part of yourself in your dominant hand, and the fearful part of you in the non dominate hand.

3. Now you ask the confident and fearful parts of you, in turn, what's their positive intention for you in desiring what they want. Continue asking until you recognize that both parts have the same positive intention and desires. It is important you go through the process, even if it feels like you are making it up because it will create positive changes in your level of self belief.

4. Now visualize a new 'super part' in between your hands with the combined resources of both your confidence and your fear.

5. Now moving only as quickly as you can, bring your hands together and merge the two separate parts together, thus making a new 'super part'. Bring your hands to your chest and take the 'super part' inside you.

The above exercise is an excellent way of overcoming your self-doubts and it will help you to gain self belief. So what are you waiting for only you can change your life for the better. Go out into the real world and be that entrepreneur you know is waiting to burst out of you!

Author's Bio: 

Belinda Daly is a certified master practitioner in hypnosis, NLP and TLT. She also has a degree in metaphysics.

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