A good essay is comprised of a number of characteristics such as a well-structured, original ideas and convincing arguments and a lot more. But people don’t emphasise on the interesting aspect of it, that really defines how good your essay is. If it is interesting enough, it will grasp the reader and make them actually want to read more of the essay, and it guarantees you getting a good grade. The problem with essay writing is that, students get so caught up with the structure and requirements of the teacher, that they fail to focus on making it interesting. But this article will show you a lot of ways you can incorporate into your essay to make it an enjoyable read.

The content

The topic of the essay should not only be interesting for your audience but you as well because this will almost guarantee you writing a better essay. If you are passionate about the topic, then the essay will speak it, and is more likely to make the essay engaging, like having a conversation with someone over a topic you feel very strongly about. In other cases, if you have to write on a topic that is not your forte then you can research on the topic extensively. Look at free essay papers and get material to write on the topic, and make sure you are well informed. You will also need to convince yourself that the topic is not a boring one, and find ways to relate it to the real world.

The details

You will probably come across topics that will be more on the boring side. With such topics, you can look for interesting facts that will spruce up your essay. Try finding real life cases or examples of the topic, so the reader will be able to understand it better. Think of ways to make it exciting for you and the audience.

Your own opinion

If you just paraphrase other people’s ideas, then your essay will end up being boring and your audience is bound to lose interest. Take a stance, give your opinions on the topic. This will make the reader feel like you’re passionate about the topic and knowledgeable enough to give your own views and perspectives. It will increase the originality aspect of your essay as well.

Active voice

People tend to have the misconception that if they use passive voice, their essays are going to sound more intellectual but try avoid doing this because it will make your essay more interesting and easier to read.

Avoid repetition

Don’t use the same idea again and again, by phrasing it differently. Do as much research as you can, so that you find enough evidence to talk about in your essay without repetition. An essay that has repetitive ideas make it seem like that there wasn’t much effort put into it, and it definitely will not come across as interesting.

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