"Hey buddy, I'm experiencing depression and I have lost my appetite and zest for life. I have to do something to get my life back." From this statement, it is true that we can overcome depression and live the life we want.

Some people have devised positive ways that help them to stay cheerful and optimistic even in tough times. They're the kind of people you should learn from. You should appreciate that you're alive and healthy because being alive and healthy means that you have a chance, a chance to do something that will improve your life and the lives of others.

It is only you who will decide to control your feelings and no one else will control them for you. Therefore, you decide whether to be happy, sad or depressed. You have the will in yourself to make your own life more inspiring, meaningful and enjoyable. Keep in mind that it is upon you to find happiness and not for happiness to find you.

Five Ways of Overcoming Depression Disorders

1.) Help those who need your help. There are people who need your help for instance, the handicapped, the sick, the lonely, the homeless, the orphans or the hungry. Don't turn them down if you're in a position of offering them help. Helping is not only through money but even through simple ways such as encouraging. Don't expect anything in return whenever you help.

2.) Listening to music that is encouraging is a great way to enjoy life and get rid of depression disorders. Your favorite music can really stir your heart, for the most fun sing-along. Sing loud and it doesn't matter how you sound like, no one will bother you anyway.

You may be surprised how singing makes you feel better. You'll become lighthearted and cheerful. It doesn't even matter if you know or you don't know the words, humming often has the same effect.

3.) The music of nature can also fill your life with happiness. Sounds like waves while on the beach, birds chirping away, wind blowing through the trees and a bubbling brook are from nature. These are beautiful and serene sounds that we all respond to instinctively and can make you feel more optimistic about life.

4.) A party where everyone is uptight and no one is laughing is dull indeed. The same is true with life in general. Fill your life with laughter and humor and you'll get rid of depression. Try to live spontaneously and see the humor in life's events. The more easily humor comes to you the more natural it is and the easier for you to keep your spirit soaring.

5.) Misfortune has its place in life as well and it may result to depression disorders. There is no way to avoid the reality of life that is filled with troubles and misfortune. Bad things happen to both good and bad people.

Unfortunately, it isn't possible to ignore the bad and that probably isn't the best approach to take. However, you can control your response to misfortunes. There are often opportunities hidden behind adversity. Don't allow it to pull you down. Keep your focus on the beauty of what life has to offer.

"When you lose, don't lose the lesson too." Keep going forward, for in this world we lose and gain and we are just passersby.

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