Many argue that appearances do not matter, but the way we look greatly impacts our quality of life and vise versa. According to RiverMend Health, 71% of Americans surveyed reported feeling unhappy about their bodies at one point. Most of the dissatisfaction derives from social media and social pressures, but the cause may run deeper than that. 

What many forget is that we have more control over our appearance than we realize. Much of how we appear to others is a reflection of our health. With proper care and execution of healthy changes of habit, it can improve our appearance better than makeup or cosmetic surgery. 

Drink Water

We cannot express this enough. If there is one piece of advice that must be followed from this list, it’s drink water. An insufficient water intake attributes to poor skin and hair conditions, not to mention dehydration that makes anyone appear tired. An estimated 80% of the U.S. population is prone to mild dehydration, yet many issues can be resolved by having the proper daily water amount. 

Personal Hygiene

Instead of resorting to teeth whitening and other harsh products, one should ask themselves if habits could be affecting their skin, teeth, or hair. Hygiene narrows down to proper cleansing and grooming and receiving dental services regularly. Changing products or routines can do wonders for our health and appearance. 

Physical Activity

It’s no surprise that physical activity is on this list, as we often hear how important it is. While beauty comes in all sizes, regular physical exercise is needed for proper blood flow and immune system regulation. The more someone exercises, the more their overall health will improve, and being in good shape will reflect that. 

Nutritious Eating Habits 

Similar to drinking water, what people eat has a strong influence on how they look and feel. Nutrients are needed for many of our functions and prevent a multitude of deficiencies. Eating the right food creates a domino effect of clear skin, shiny hair, resilient nails, and delays aging

Get Enough Sleep

Under-eye bags, puffy red eyes, fine lines, and other signs are difficult to hide when someone has had a rough night. Insufficient sleep (or too much sleep) can affect mental and physical health, and when someone does not get enough sleep, it is clear as day.   

Bottom Line

Many industries try to sell cosmetic solutions in a bottle or a permanent procedure to help us look better and improve our self-confidence. Sometimes, the key to us looking our best is within our well-being. If we aren’t looking so great, it’s our bodies trying to tell us something is wrong, and it is up to us to listen to it. 

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