OK, so I sometimes have the weirdest conversations on the planet and I wonder, I truly wonder whether the people I am talking to, can even hear themselves as they tell me why they are not getting results in their business or their life for that matter (After all, how you do anything is exactly how you do everything!).

I usually listen in, astounded and wondering how quickly I can get off the phone as there is just no hope for these people while they continue to think this way and more than even the current error in judgement is the fact that they do not even see that this is what they sound like.

And yes, you may read these points and think that you are completely immune to these things and yet, you know what?! If not for the support systems I put in place to keep me on path, even I would be silly enough to start to give into this nonsense and in fact, I have done so in the past.

So, let me give you some examples of what I hear from wannabe entrepreneurs and usually VERY CAPABLE professionals who want to transition to their own thing.

1. Self Sabotage

So, you think that your multi-million dollar business (or even your $100,000 one) is going to be built on the backs of people you pay a pittance…

And to add silliness to the original silly, they are in their teens on an internship and have absolutely no work experience to speak of? OK then!

Do you remember what you were like as a teenager?! It seems to me here that you have a huge desire to fail before you even begin. Do you doubt the strength of your idea? Aaaah, I know what you were thinking… You could make lots of money with minimal outlay and like magic, it would all work with minimal input from you. OK then, how is that playing out for you?

Not so well, I don’t imagine! And maybe you are reading this and thinking you would not do this but then, I would ask you where else you are sabotaging yourself? Is it the desire to find the cheapest, untested labour you can find to deliver your high value services? Is it the need to hide behind your logo and hope that somehow a faceless, nameless brand will sell your business for you?

Think about where you are putting your short-term gratification and comfort over your long-term sustainability and profits? It is almost as though you do not think you are in this for the long haul and so you are metaphorically shooting yourself in the foot on a daily basis?

Think about it! And if you cannot come up with something but your business is not growing, I can definitely help you pinpoint your areas of weakness!

2. Over-thinking – Considering every single reality, even the ones that don’t exist yet!

So, you have not even properly started your business but you are already thinking of all the possibilities of things that could go wrong twenty steps down the path? Seriously! Do the first thing first! And then do the second thing – Why on earth are you worrying about the twentieth thing when you have not exhausted the resources you have right here and right now? How do you know what will happen by the twentieth step? Yes, you want to have contingencies in place for worst case scenarios but frankly, you do not know yet, how it is all going to play out!

I still remember getting my first property – I could not have planned for that. I was on path taking the first step of checking demand in my chosen location ( I was very fearful at this point but wanted to give it a go anyway). And then someone OFFERED me a house. I had thought I was going to have to hustle for it but he OFFERED it to me because I was using the resources in my hand to fulfil what was in my heart to do.

I had begun to push on doors and mysteriously, unexpected doors started to open as I showed commitment to my idea.

Do you actually want to get this thing off the ground? Or are you just talking? And this time next year, you will be here talking a good game but still having absolutely no business to speak of! Well, I suppose it is up to you!

If you are serious, take the first step.

3. Lack of Commitment

As I mentioned briefly in the last point, I demonstrated commitment to my idea by taking action even when the path was not completely clear and yes, it was scary to actually do, rather than think about doing. However, as a result of taking the plunge even when I was uncertain, I quickly got my business to a position that allowed me to leave my pharmacist work.

Now, I listen and listen to ‘norms’ tell me how they intend to do this big thing and that big thing and on and on they go and weeks, months, years go by and nothing happens. I used to do this too. I was committed to dreaming about my idea, not actually doing it and maybe you are stuck there.

And the problem is that, you think that you are communicating clearly what you want to make happen but actually, we are all picking up on the fact that like many a dreamer, you are dreaming and you are not really committed to doing what it takes to make it work.

So, I tell you all this on the phone and just to prove me wrong, you go connect with this potential client and that other one, but no one buys from you and you hand it to me as evidence that you tried and what I am saying does not work…

But I know what has happened…

The prospect you are speaking to, has picked up on the lack of real commitment to make stuff happen and so thinks you are just having a laugh and a conversation and so, at no point, even thinks to offer the business to you! They doubt your commitment because honey, you are just testing things out, you are just trying, you are just looking for an excuse to quit, to fail and then you can tell me all the things you tried and how they did not work! Well, ok then… stay stuck!

4. Looking for the silver magic bullet that will be absolutely certain from moment one.

This is an extension of the first point but it is such an insidious thing and most wannabe successful entrepreneurs fall for it. You keep looking for a strategy that will work absolutely definitely and it will work like magic, of course! The problem is that you are not doing anything!

While you keep waiting for the sure thing strategy, you are not committing to do the work you know to do today. You keep waiting for someone else to show up and make the money for you and give it to you! I mean, seriously?!

I know you do not even think of what you are doing in this way. You think it is logical and sensible to make sure that you have a business plan that cannot fail in place before you start and so you train and read and ask questions and gather advice from everywhere (even those who have never done what you claim to want to do!) and then you try to distil out the failproof strategy that you can now begin.

Except, this time next year, you will still be doing that and there will still be no progress.

Do what you know to do today! Stop waiting and procrastinating! Even if there is a magic bullet, let it find you on the path, you will go faster then! It is difficult to move a stationary car.

5 Keep trying To work it out alone after years of dreaming

And yet, despite the fact that you are falling for all the above issues…

Despite the fact that you have been talking and talking for weeks, months, years and still you have nothing at all to show for it…

Despite all that, you are still too proud to ask for support!

How very crazy of you?!

Which serious business owner, athlete, anyone who wants to play at an elite level, do you know that is going it alone? But somehow, you think you know better?!

And you are giving me crazy excuses about not being able to afford it or not needing it or being able to figure it out alone…

Well, you carry on. I have no doubt that you will crack this business nut at some point. I just hope that you have the life span of Edward Cullen, my very, VERY favourite vampire because at the rate you are going, you will be dead before you get there.


However, if you are serious about making stuff happen now and you are willing and able to invest time, energy and money in your ideas and yourself, then I am on the lookout for 4 one-on-one serious clients.

You will be a person who is fed up of talking and ready to take massive action to bring the business to life…

You will be a person who is willing to see that you may have been doing things in a way that mad it impossible to get results and now, you are willing to face all the underlying fears and get to work…

You will be a person who is willing to be honest with yourself and with me so that we can actually do the work that needs to be done to make your business work…

You and I know that there is more to you than is currently showing up…

Yes, ‘norms’ already think you are pretty successful and doing the things they wish they could be doing but YOU KNOW that this is just the tip of the iceberg for you and that there is more for you to do…

You want more money and freedom, for sure but you also want to leave something of a legacy and you want to impact people but for whatever reason, right now, it is just not there yet…

You are done with capitulating, conforming and you are ready to show up and do the work you feel you must do while still on this planet and yes, you are going to get rich doing it!

If this sounds like you then message me now and let’s have a conversation about how I can support you over the next 90 days to make stuff happen now.

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