Read this post to find out how to start your Weight Loss adventure, how to prepare, continue the process and most important, how to stay slim forever!

#1: Motivation: your “WHY” is the key for success.
If you want to “try losing weight”, stop reading this and stay where you are. I’m serious, because weight loss is not a funny game for a week.
You need to awake in you the desire to change your body shape and thereby your life, every aspect of your life.
Before you make a decision, sit down in peace, turn off the phone and the TV and think deeply about your “why.” Imagine yourself as a slim and energetic person.
Think about the clothes you wear.
Think about the admiring glances of your loved ones and friends. Think about self-confidence and self-acceptance.
About completely different life what you will soon experience.

Remember well these thoughts and never forget them!
Because the next few months will not always be easy! :-)
But I promise you that it will also be a lot of joy and happiness!

#2: Price, the dark side of the change.
Nothing comes for free, you know that, right? It would be naive to think that you lose weight without any effort on your part.
There will be two types of prices that you have to pay:

Internal – the abandonment of habits, denying the “sweet pleasures”. Learning the responsibility for regularity and goal
Contrary to appearances, this is a high price. People do not like change yourself, look for short cuts, without any effort. Sorry my friend, there is no silver bullet.

External – you have to invest in yourself.
Money... Tough topic :-)
Just think: if you want to have beautiful hair, nails and skin you go to the hairdresser, manicurist and dentist, right? Usually you spend money for it to be beautiful. Here is more or less the same.

Think about it: do you agree to pay these prices?

#3: Choose your way to achieve your dream!!!
There are many effective methods of losing weight, choose the most adequate for your lifestyle. You know yourself the best – do not fool yourself!
Do not swear yourself that every day you go to the gym if you’re working a lot. It will not work for a long time!
That is why I have chosen for myself Herbalife diet – simple, logical and with plan for success. Check how it works visiting and decide if it’s for you. Then, just be consistent and watch how you lose weight!

#4: Ask for help!
There are always difficult moments, do not be afraid to ask for help or advice.
We’re all in order to help you! That’s our job, but also the mission and a great pleasure. We know what it’s like because we were once fat. Just like that, fat.
We will respond with pleasure to every question, will keep you in spirit, and sometimes we’ll raise you up and say “you’re great!”

#5: Once you reach your goal – do not stop to take care of yourself!!
You know that nothing is given forever. Take care of your new figure and health as you take care of your hair and nails, which I wrote above :-)
Your new, slim figure will be a source of joy, success in your life and great pride in what you have achieved!

Author's Bio: 

I'm active with Weight Loss and Dietary Supplements since 2004.
After my personal success of losing over 40 lbs with Herbalife Supplements I started learning and helping my customers.
During past eight years I helped more them 800 people to lose weight or (rarely but still) to gain weight.

An average weight loss result was 15 - 40 lbs but several of my clients lost over 100 lbs and maintain that weight until today.

My method is based on a combination of good, individually developed plan, the selection of appropriate supplements for each client and the proper motivation.