A Puja Space – or a ‘mandir’ – is a special place in your home that is meant for worship. People of all religions have their sacred space in their homes. But having a small house is a challenging part when it comes to arranging different rooms within. However, there is always some unused area that can be utilized effectively.
Nowadays, a good interior designer focus on each and every corner of your home. Although puja space is considered very unrelated to common design concepts, they too can be given unique outlooks.
Below are some smart ideas where you can install your own puja room interior  without occupying too much space:
- Over the drawers: The area right above the drawer often remains unused. Try making use of painting, a puja thali, diyas as well as candles, and some other interior design ideas.
- At the entrance of your house: As we all know that there is nothing more awesome than bowing before God every time you enter you’re leave your home. So, locating your puja space as you enter your home is a great idea.
- In the living room: The living room is one of the best and most attractive centers for setting up a puja mandir without sparing too much space. Try using different bright colors with accessories to make it more eye-catchy.
- On the terrace: It is often seen that people use their terrace room as a storeroom or a toilet, you can use it to create a puja room. Try utilizing the openness of your terrace and its views.
- Within the room divider: In this modern interior design era room dividers are used more often instead of walls. A room divider can provide you ample space to set up your very own puja space.
Puja room interior or even small units in modern Indian homes are part of home interiors design that is obvious in tradition. Give your puja room a modern twist with LA Interiors.

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