Varicose is the abnormal widening of veins on the lower limbs. There are plenty of reasons for its development. High heels that many women love to wear, hormonal issues, uncomfortable work conditions that require sitting or standing for a long time, birth control pills… In many cases, an unhealthy lifestyle is the answer to your varicose problem.

How does varicose develop? The valves of the vessels that transport blood cannot cope with their functions anymore. As the valves weaken, the blood flow becomes too much for the veins to handle and they get stretched. You can visually see the deformed veins that protrude under the skin.

Women are exposed to this disease more than men because of high heels, birth control pills and a habit of putting one leg over the other. In addition, women are more sensitive to hormonal fluctuations induced by menopause.

Factors That Provoke Varicose in Your Daily Routine
If you are in the risk group, you have higher chances to have varicose than others. Be attentive to your everyday habits - they can increase the risks. What makes you relate to the risk group? Genetic history of varicose in your family, disease of internal organs, cardiovascular issues.

There are factors that contribute to the development and progress of varicose. If the habits below are a part of your daily routine, be careful - they may develop into a huge problem over time.

Constipation can happen to anyone eventually, but if you have it chronically, you should do something about it. This condition increases the pressure in pelvic veins and makes them stretch. Sometimes it’s enough to start eating healthy food and drink more water to get rid of this problem.

If you are constantly coughing, for any reason, it’s dangerous not only for your lungs but for your cardiovascular system too. Coughing increases the abdominal pressure and this affects your veins negatively. Visit a doctor and start solving the problem, or you will have to visit a vein treatment center as well.

Weight loss
Obesity is definitely one of the risk factors for the development of varicose because it creates abnormal strain over the veins on your lower limbs. But if you lose a lot of weight for a short time, your veins can suffer too. Weight loss must happen gradually, to avoid causing stress to your body.

If you spend a lot of time traveling by plane, it can also affect your veins. Lack of movement and an uncomfortable position are bad for our blood flow. Remember the rules for safe flying - hydrate (lemon tea will be a good choice because it will also remove possible nausea) and do legs exercises every 30 minutes to improve the blood circulation.

It’s no secret that smoking is bad for your health. Over time, it weakens your vessels and causes the stagnation of blood in your limbs. By quitting this bad habit, you will eliminate multiple health risks and even some lethal ones. Your entire body will thank you for this.

If you belong to the risk group for varicose, work on these factors in your life. Even if you don’t, being healthier is always a benefit.

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