Today we have brought you an article about the most-used shop signage you need to have in e to have a rapid growth of your business. Well, you may ask why they are so important. They play a crucial part in determining your brand credibility, increasing shop visibility, and driving foot traffic.

Being in the promotional products industry in Vancouver, Canada for decades and having a great expertise in the digital marketing field, we would love to share our experience with you.

What is signage?
Shop signage is a type of graphic display that communicates with those passing by. It is an effective and low cost way to advertise your business and reach potential customers.
The most common shop signages are as follows:

1. Digital Signage
Digital signs, sometimes called electronic signage, are the technological installations to vividly display video or promotional content for advertising purposes. With the rapid increase in digitalization more and more business owners are using digital signage. A study shows 93% of retailers use digital signage to enhance customer experience.
They can be used to accomplish a variety of goals such as for giving product information, brand branding, influencing customer behavior, navigation and promotional purposes.

2. Outdoor Signage
Outdoor signs are also of great importance. They are generally put at the entrance of the shop or in the front Premises to get customers to know you and pursue them to walk inside and see what you have for them. An eye-catching brand logo and colors exposing the logo is a good idea to draw people’s attention.
You can put a good first impression on the customers by putting a meaningful brand message showing them the positive image of your company and making them curious about your products or services.

3. ADA Compliant Signage
These are the signs complying with the American Disability act (ADA) making the shop accessible and traceable for everyone. They help customers with disabilities and impaired vision locate you and move through the shop easily. The use of these ADA compliant signs in different areas like parking, entrance, escalators, and restrooms make them feel welcomed. This does not only let them feel how much you care about customers but also improves customer loyalty and increases your sales.
Some necessary compliant signs you must consider include the international symbol of Access (ISA), ADA Braille, and Pool lifts.

4. Informational signage
Informational signs are usually used to give necessary information to educate, assist, direct and inform the customers. These include directional and wayfinding signage which help customers navigate through the shop. They can be used anywhere, but if you have a big department store or a mall then they are a must for you.
Informational signage should be legibly printed and very noticeable with larger font and visible color.

5. Persuasive Signage
These signs are creatively designed to influence customers’ choice. They not only communicate with customers effectively but also create brand awareness and increase the customer's chances to make a purchase.
Persuasive signage must be eye-catching as they are supposed to attract the customer's attention to the products.

Above mentioned signage are of great importance for your store and business. Start using them and they will bring growth to your business, improve sales, and help you build your brand.
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Neil Smith is an experienced graphic designer, currently living in Ottawa Canada, who tries to bring a range of art and design disciplines to every project he works on. He has a bachelor’s in fine arts degree in graphic design from Carleton University. He loves fusing smart concepts with creative, and standard-based designs.