Grains come in all sorts and sizes. And each and every one of them has a different nutritional value. Therefore most people can’t see the forest for its trees and have a hard time deciding which type of grain is best suited for their needs. But no worries! We’ve got you covered with this small list of most popular grains and their health benefits!


Rice is probably the most eaten type of grain around the world. And it has a lot of different types on its own. However, we’ll stick to the healthy benefits of simple brown rice for, well… purposes. Anyway, since brown rice is a whole grain, it’s main effect of your health is caused by the great amount of fiber in it. And we all know that fiber helps lower cholesterol and ensures a healthy gut.


While technically not a grain, quinoa is featured on this list because its popularity rose big time and it’s widely available nowadays. Compared to all other grains, quinoa seeds have the biggest concentration antioxidants while still being gluten free. Antioxidants prevent slow damage to our cells relieves oxidative stress which is linked to heart diseases, Parkinson’s and arthritis and some inflammatory conditions.


Corn is highly nutritious. This starchy vegetable is rich in fiber, vitamins and essential minerals, while being also relatively low in protein and fat. Eating corn promotes growth and weight gain (at least the yellow variety does), is good for your skin and eyes and prevents, yes, hemorrhoids. Quite a bit of healthy advantages for such a small kernel, don’t you think?

Whole wheat

Wheat is the key ingredient in lots of breads (and other baked goods) and popular products such as pasta, noodles, bulgur and couscous. It’s a great source of carbs and fiber. That is when you buy whole wheat instead of the refined one. It’s main health benefits focus around your gut health and reducing the risk of colon cancer. So, you’d better substitute your white flour with whole-grain wheats to ensure you get the most out of the nutritional value.


Oats are quite versatile grains. You can get them rolled, crushed or as oatmeal and they’re the main ingredient and granola. As most grains, they’re high in protein, carbs and fiber but oats also provide you with vitamins and minerals that prevent type 2 diabetes and boost a feeling of fullness - and therefore promote weight loss.

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