We all have goals – some are very difficult, while others are less so. How do you keep on track with all of your goals? What is the secret to meeting every goal every time?

One of the biggest challenges we face in setting and reaching our goals is that many of us have too many goals going on at the same time. I call it goal clutter.

In theory, setting solid goals is great, but not to the point where you can’t reach them without incredible pain and stress in your life and in your business. You simply cannot maintain the pace that is required while preserving your health and well being. That is not the way to live a challenging yet peaceful and rewarding life. Brian Tracy is a true leader in goal setting theory, so why not follow that proven path?

It’s not just discipline or conviction as you might think. It’s not just commitment. It’s not will power. It’s a whole different approach that is required to be a successful Goal Getter.

1. Reduce and reframe your goals.

Identify just a few important goals to focus on and put the rest on a delayed schedule where possible. Many goals can be wrapped up quickly to clear the way for others. Carefully reprioritize and rebalance your goals. Trust me it works wonders.

2. Marshall your resources.

Align the resources that you need to reach your goals. It can be time, money, contractors, special skills, tools, or a whole host of other resources that are needed to get your list of top goals completed in a reasonable time frame. Do what you do best, delegate what you can, outsource, or think creatively about how each task can get done the best way. It’s not all about you doing everything; in fact it is just the opposite.

3. Focus on your rationale for achieving each goal.

Why is each goal meaningful that you would allocate your precious time and valuable energy to it? Imagine what your life will be like when you reach your goal? And think: What will you life be like if you don’t? These are strong reasons that compel you to move forward even when it can be a struggle. Winners keep on working toward their goals, and that is what you are. Keep your eye on the prize.

4. Break your goal down in smaller parts.

You can divide a particularly complex or time-consuming goal into more manageable subsections. Break it down and get it done. And when you identify interim targets for your goals, it keeps you moving in the right direction, no matter the pace. Small incremental wins are a very powerful incentive and more importantly, they create valuable momentum. It makes a world of difference to your confidence to cross off an item that you have just completed. Ah, victory!

5. Focus on making major progress on one goal.

Often at the end of each week we have little to show for our efforts, and that can be quite frustrating. That is not in keeping with Goal Getting. When you spend a little time on many goals the progress is visible on each goal, but often just barely. And all together, the progress may not seem to add up to much despite your incredible efforts and concentration. There will come a time with a goal when it becomes clear that a concentrated effort can really push you forward by leaps and bounds. Think of tripling your attention to that one goal for a short intense period to see how far you get. Often, it is just the push that that you need.

In conclusion, all goals are not created equal. Keep it fun and keep it moving and you will be a successful Goal Getter in no time. You can achieve every goal every time if you apply the key goal setting and goal getting techniques.


Author's Bio: 

Donna Marie Thompson, PhD – aka The Goal Goddess – is a highly acclaimed professional speaker, best-selling author, talk show host, MBA, CPA, Certified Professional Coach, Certified NLP Practitioner, and a Master Practitioner of the Energy Leadership Index. She was a Director in the International Practice of PricewaterhouseCoopers Consulting and has earned an MBA and CPA, in addition to her PhD. Donna Marie was a featured guest on the Brian Tracy TV Show as seen on ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox affiliates across the country. She was also an expert panelist on the Living Consciously series on Denver cable TV. She has been the special guest on more than 50 radio shows and Donna Marie was showcased on the national TV show “World’s Greatest” on the ION network. In 2011, Donna Marie was listed as one of America’s Premier Experts in personal development.

She leads Goal Getter Groups with members across the USA to help you meet every goal every time.