Planning to get a home loan? Hope your credit score is above 750, otherwise it could be a tough job to get your loan sanctioned. Even if it gets approves, lenders may charge you higher rates than the usual. So, if your score is above 700 but below 750, here are a few tricks that will help boost your score quickly. 

1. Check your credit report 
Always make sure to check your report/score periodically. This will help you spot errors, if there are any. For instance, let’s assume that you had taken a personal loan a couple years ago. It’s been 2 months that you have closed the account. However, due to a glitch, it’s still showing up in your report. With frequent checks, you can spot such errors.  
Bring it up to the concerned lender’s or credit bureaus notice to fix it. Once the error is fixed, your credit score will improve. 

2. Pay more than the minimum amount due 
Let’s say that you are making timely payments, but your score is still not hitting that 750 mark. The thing is if you are only paying the minimum amount due, it may come across as you don’t have enough funds to make bigger payments. Hence, to assure lenders of your financial stability, make larger payments to your dues. This will also help boost your score considerably. 

3. Pay off debts that have high interest 
It makes your life easier if you start paying off debts for which you are paying more as interest. Start clearing those first and concentrate on the smaller debts later. This step can also help increase your credit score. 

4. Raise your credit limit 
This should be the last resort, but you can go for this option if you need to boost your score fast. Increasing your credit limit will help balance your credit utilisation ratio. Lenders usually prefer less than 30% of credit utilisation. So, if you have hit the 40% mark, bring that down by increasing your credit limit.  

5. Negotiate with your lender 
Probably the final way to boost your score. This tip is for those who have made a couple of late payments and now the report is showing the data pertaining to delayed payments. If you are in the good books of the concerned lender, you can negotiate to remove the late payment record. This will also help increase your score. 
The bottom line is that always strive to be in the good books of lenders so that your score keeps ticking upwards. Practice good financial habits and everything will fall in place. 

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