Yeah, we know, it's rather cold and you're covered in layers and layers of warm and cozy clothes, but spring is slowly approaching and you have to be ready for it. Most women and young girls tend to browse celebrity Snapchats in attempt to discover new fashion trends for the upcoming season. To be quite honest, this is not actually a good idea, because famous people sometimes have too specific and extravagant taste. If you really want to look fabulous and dazzling when the spring comes, you should definitely consider these 5 lovely trends that will dominate the world of fashion in the upcoming months.

Ruching Outfits

Stiff and uncomfortably tight outfits won't be that popular this spring. Instead, people are going to rock ruching materials. Tight but comfortable dresses and skirts made of this fiber will enhance your natural curves and lines. Also, these outfits often come with a bit of a teasing cleavage or an open back, so if you truly wish to dazzle everyone on the street, ruching dresses are the perfect choice for this spring season.

Lavender and Lilac Colors

When it comes to color, this year is all about soothing lavender and lilac. During the last couple of seasons, women wore the cute Millennial Pink, but this year, violet colors are taking the spotlight. Lavender and lilac pastel dresses will be a huge hit this spring season, so don't hesitate to get yourself a similar apparel.

Black and White Polka Dots

To be fair, polka dots were always in style and the case is no different this year. Of course, colorful floral outfits will also be quite dominant and frequent this spring, but black and white polka dots will definitely be a close second. This simple yet elegant pattern goes well with almost everything. It is perfect for classy social occasions and you can also pull it off as a casual street-wear combination. Feel free to mix small and big dots, and don't hesitate to play with contrast. Polka dot dresses go perfectly with fabulous hats. If you're into that old Hollywood glamour, this particular style is something you should definitely consider.

Trench Coats

The X-Files is back and it's all about long detective trench coats and government cover-ups. If you too wish to elegantly cover up your own outfit this season, you should do it with a stylish trench coat. Try long coats with wide belts, or go for a shorter version that reveals your knees and upper thighs. Also, sleeveless trench coats will be rather popular this year, so make sure to update your closet as soon as possible.

White Tank Tops

It would be a shame to talk about the most popular fashion trends of 2018 without mentioning the classic white tank top. Even though it might seem a little bit too simple, a ribbed top combined with elegant brown trousers is a perfect spring outfit. It displays the beauty of your upper arms while enhancing your tan at the same time.

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