In the ever changing IT industry, Java is the widely used programming language in order to grow the business. The requirement of Java in the field like Education, Financial Services, Computer Software, Information Technologies Services is growing rapidly so as the job opportunities and Java training institutes in Bangalore.
If you are a Java Professional and want to grow to the next level then this article is for you. Here we will see the top 5 career option to choose apart from technical lead or a project manager. People who are less or no knowledge of people management skills but needs to remain hands-on they can get benefit from this article. Let’s dive deep into the various career options for Java Developers.
5 Career Option to Grow with Java:
1. DevOps Engineer:
This is the new career option for the Java developer. There is no certain career path to become a DevOps Engineer. If you have the passion for scripting and want to try your luck in development to plan and deploy the project then you can choose this as a career option. So in short, if you are java professional with the enthusiasm for managing and improving overall structure, then you can be a DevOps Engineer.

2. Solution Architect:
Solution Architect is the person who is responsible for providing solution to a specific program or technology and can collaborate with other architects such as data and applications. He/She can be a pre-sales expert who can help the organization in providing solution using their product. So, in order to be a Solution Architect you must have sound knowledge of Data Structure and Algorithms along with System Design.

3. Scrum Master:
Scrum Master contributes to the project supported by Scrum project management principles. So, it is the duty of the Scrum Master to check whether the Scrum principles are followed. Scrum is the framework used in agile projects which allows
• to address complicated problem with agility and
• to give high-value product
So, if you have experience in business handling and knowledge of the project then, you can become a Scrum Master.

4. Project Manager:
Project Manager is the person who takes care of day-to-day management of task by keeping in mind the following aspects of Project Management:
• Scope
• Schedule
• Finance
• Risk
• Quality
• Resources
So, if you master on these mentioned qualities then you can become a good Project Manager.

5. Business Analyst:
Business Analysts are responsible for modifying and designing new business strategy for the business. He/She needs to interact with the stakeholders and subject matter experts to understand the problem and to find out the solution for it.

These are the career options in current IT industry for Java Professionals. The DevOps Engineer and Scrum Master are the career option for those who wants to be with programming languages and coding forever whereas, Project Manager and Business Analyst are the option for them who want to go ahead and choose different career path than coding and implementing. Both project management and Business Analysis require more people interactions so you need to develop people management skills in order to excel i those fields.

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