The Top 5 Traits Every Entrepreneur Must Have

Learn 5 strategies you must have to be an extraordinarily successful executive.

PERSPECTIVE & HUMOR - A balanced perspective is essential as you balance your life and collaborate your personal; your business; and your spirit. This collaboration is essential to your business success and will work to maintain your mind on an even keel. As you seek success, it is important that you have clarity about your reality.

You must maintain positive thoughts, ideals and hope however, you should also remain in the realm of reality. You must not allow your success to cloud your practical judgment; and just as detrimental to your success, you can not live in fear because of your obstacles, setbacks and defeats.

Your use of humor is an indicator of intelligence and your mental capacity to move quickly and easily. It is important to demonstrate that you don't take yourself or your business too seriously.

Humor allows for room to see things differently. It moves fear, anxiety and distress out of the way so hope, positivity and solutions can enter.

Every entrepreneur has times in their business where things seem to go ALL WRONG! It is an already stressful time to take a leap of faith to build a business and pursue your dreams. Anything that will lend to ease the stress is a gift.

INFLUENCE - As an entrepreneur it is, I'm sure evident that you must inherently be a leader. You, the leader of your company, your brand, your product or service must possess the ability to have an effect on those things that impact your business. This includes people in both your personal and professional life as they both directly impact your business. I encourage you to learn the capacity to shape and directly effect the character, thoughts, development and even behavior of those surrounding you.

In order to be a successful person of influence you must have the ability to speak to your listeners with authority and partnership. It is essential that you practice the art of persuasion. As an entrepreneur and leader of your life and business, it is most necessary that you can communicate both formally and informally to persuade others to your point of view.

Think about the impact being a person of influence will have on your life. What would your life be like if you commanded the room as if everyone were waiting for you when you entered? What about your suppliers, employees or contractors, how productive and efficient would your business be if they all saw things from your point of view? Wow, how much joy would you have in your life if you had the ability to persuade your husband and children to follow your lead?

CONFIDENCE & SELF-ESTEEM - As an entrepreneur it is necessary that you learn to hand off tasks to others that 1) will free up some of your time; 2) you are not proficient in completing. This includes tasks in both your personal and professional life as they both directly impact your business. I encourage you to master those areas in that need your direct supervision - all others, indirectly monitor.

Invest your time in areas of your business where you excel. Do not waste too much of your time and energy trying to master tasks that simply aren't your forte. The negative impact of doing a poor job or having negative results may rock your confidence. With everything on your plate you do not have time to feel bad about your unsuccessful attempt to complete something that you can easily allow someone else to do.

As an business owner, you want to exude strength and power. People are attracted to those who are confident and exhibit high self-esteem. When others see you they should feel confident that you can lead them to success and prosperity. Focus on those areas and delegate all others.

COURAGEOUS - The first pillar in the Ten Faces of She paradigm. To live your life without fear is unreasonable. However, being able to move forward in spite of fear is a freedom that is invigorating. When you have the where-with-all to stand for what is right for you and dismiss all that is not will increase your success. This includes areas in both your personal and professional life as they both directly impact your business. I encourage you to walk in faith, trust yourself and the order of the universe.

Courage is often a challenging mindset to maintain because there are so many areas in which to fret, if you should choose to do so.

I would like to make the distinction that living without fear does not mean throwing caution to the wind or living vicariously. I am in no means supporting that you dismiss logic and caution to live though impulse or irresponsibly.

You may in fact be bold and brave yet rational and thoughtful. Learning how to run your business with belief and faith while maintaining a realistic perspective will catapult your success.

INTELLECT - Small business owners must have the ability to reason and understand objectively. You, the leader of your company, your brand, your product or service must possess the ability to process, weigh pros and cons, as well as due diligence. This includes areas in both your personal and professional life as they both directly impact your business success. I highly suggest that you learn to maximize your learning capacity at all levels.

Think about the impact of your business if you were well versed in your field with the newest technology available for example. Your business may not be computer software but the latest technological advancements may bring a faster more efficient way of doing business for you.

Join memberships, clubs and networks that are in any way relative to your business. If time and resources are limited then subscribe to magazines and periodicals. Make sure that you stay in the know. Read daily. Read only things that will contribute to your awareness, passion, joy and prosperity. Don't fill your mind with useless distractions like gossip magazines. Limit the amount of time that you watch TV unless what you are viewing will enlighten you or positively impact your life. At minimum the programming should have a neutral effect, like game shows for example. My all means do not waste your brain power processing dating reality shows or other such non-productive programming.

The knowledge, insight and experience you have gathered throughout the years certainly lends to your current state of success. However, to take your business to the next level you must continue to learn and development. Stay ahead of the market by keeping up with the latest trends and innovative solutions available in your field. Something as simple as lack of proficiency in the social networking arena can keep you behind the successful leaders managing extraordinary businesses.

To excel in business, relax, keep events in perspective and embrace your sense of humor to get you through the tough times. Walk and present always in confidence so others will follow. Learn to use your realm of influence to get your needs met. Stay in the know, continue to learn and don't be afraid to find a mentor or join a mastermind group to keep you on the edge of ingenuity.

In awareness, passion, success & sisterhood,

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Andrea Callahan is the owner of Ten Faces of She. She is a author, trainer, coach and personal transformation expert.