5 Topsure Methods to Protect Your WiFi Password

When you previously changed the WiFi password of your home network? In case your answer is ‘never or not remember’, put it on the top of your to-do tasks.

Keep changing your WiFi password period will help in protecting your home WiFi network. If you are using a Netgear WiFi extender, it is always recommended to create a strong WiFi password along with mywifiext.net login.

So, you probably wondering about how to create a secure WiFi password for mywifiext.net setup, right? No to worry much about this.

In this particular article, we will make you familiar with some important and useful methods to secure your WiFi password. Remember to note them down or you can just bookmark the www.mywifiext.net webpage so that you can use these useful and meaningful tips while creating or setting up a WiFi password.

1. Go with a Longer Password

As per some security experts, shorter length passwords are more likely to get predicated and easy to be cracked down as compared with the longer ones.
The passwords must be always longer length to keep your WIFi/wireless network more secure. Consider WiFi password and mywifiext.net login password like to be a length of 16 or more characters including special characters.

2. Avoid Predictable WiFi Passwords

Even using numbers and letters, your Wifi password still may consider as a weak security key as it can be easily predicted by anyone. It is always good to avoid introducing the most common words such as 987654321, qwerty, asdfghjkl, 123456789, abcde12345, etc.

All these passwords tricks stand first in any hackers’ mind at the top. Therefore, ensure to have a different and unique password for your WiFi network or mywifiext.net setup (For Netgear extenders).

3. Misspell a Little

Planning to use phrases or real words as your security key? In this condition, try using random and difficult phrases or real words, so save from getting hacked. For example, if you use the phrase ‘I love the USA’, you can write it as ‘!LuvU$@’. Even you can write 'IamSteve' like '!@m$te%e”.

4. The Random Is Better

If you are picking words from the dictionary, even it's quite long but still, it is predictable and quite easy to break. Such passwords can be cracked with the help of dedicated hacking software or coding in friction of seconds.

Make use of randomizing symbols, numerical and alphabets jumbled in lowercase and uppercase WiFi password. Use the same method with setting up a password with www-mywifiext-net.

5. Never Reuse or Repeat Your mywifiext.net Setup Passphrase

Never try to use the same password for multiple accounts as it will become the same base for the hacker to interrupt in between your home network with the same older password. Avoid using past passwords.
This particular point especially needs to look after if you are sharing your passwords with your known ones. It's good to keep a separate password for mywifiext.net login.

How to Change My mywifiext.net login Password?

It is quite easy to change your mywifiext.net login and mywifiext.net setup password. Follow the simple steps to configure your Netgear WiFi extender range.

Execute Your Netgear Wifi Extender’s Configuration Page

Connect your computer to a WiFi range extender with an ethernet cable. Open a web browser and search www-mywifiext-net in the address bar. If you are enabled to connect with your WiFi because of the wrong password, try to reset your password for mywifiext.net login.

Change the WiFi Password

Once you successfully entered into your Netgear Extender, visit wireless section and make changes in the password. Re-enter the password and hit the save button to confirm the WiFi password. Now, use this new password to connect your WiFi-enabled devices to your wireless network.

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