Learning a second language is like venturing into never-ending adventure. There is always the chance to learn something new. After English & Spanish, if there is a language that is rooted in history and widely spoken, then it is Arabic. It is a sought-after language with approximately 425 million speakers all over the world. It is the official language of Middle Eastern countries like Iraq, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Qatar, Oman etc.

Today Arabic learning is no more confined or restricted to madrassas. Several institutes are providing Arabic language course in Kolkata with extensive training in the grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation of the language. Certified students can enjoy several benefits by learning it. Here are top reasons to learn Arabic.

Widely Spoken Language that is steeped in History

Arabic is the official language in more than 25 nations of the world and there are 425 million speakers. Islamic history, holy Koran everything is written in Arabic. Even the United Nations has declared it as its sixth official language.

Vital for International Business

Arabic-speaking countries have attained a prominent position in global economy and considered major players. Arabic is currently ranked on the power language index (PLI) as the 5th most important language. The ranking is done by taking into account several factors like the number of native speakers, the economic output of those native speakers and the importance of the language in world diplomacy.

Ideal for Academic Pursuits

Learning Arabic is indispensable for students interested in studying ancient eastern history, and modern Middle Eastern religion. An Arabic language course in Kolkata is designed for students who’re interested to gain a profound knowledge & linguistic skills.

Boosts Career in Diverse Industries

The demand of candidates proficient in Arabic language is highly sought-after in multinational companies, BPO, and KPO. It is because they are involved in colossal business dealings in the Gulf region.

There are huge job openings in other sectors too like aviation, IT, banking, travel, education and others. They are always looking to recruit personnel who have an excellent command over the language. Hence anyone speaking Arabic fluently should never have problem in finding a good job. The job scenario looks bright both in India and Middle East.

Language of Strategic Influence

Along with USA, Russia, and China Arab countries have established a strong position of strategic importance due to their unlimited mineral and natural resources such as crude oil and gas. It means jobs in the Foreign Service department and Indian secret services are up for grabs.

How to Get Started?

There are many foreign language institutes that offer Arabic language course in Kolkata. To be eligible, candidates need to be 10+2 or graduates. The curriculum revolves around grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, phonetics and much more. The courses besides honing linguistic skills also give a feel of the culture and literature of Middle East. There are certificate, diploma, and advanced diploma courses and offered via online and face to face training modes.

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Laxmon Gope is a web writer and has contributed to publication of many articles in foreign languages. He has written this informative article on Arabic language course in Kolkata for students who’re passionate about the language.