1.Hire professionals
This is a critical factor to consider when it comes to choosing your wedding photographer. A professional would have the experience and know-how required for shooting on the wedding day tirelessly from start to finish. Professional and passionate photographer is the only one who will consider your wedding to be another occasion to explore and not a mere event to earn cash. Your right choice of the photographer will make your wedding priceless. To understand the passion of the photographer completely, you must see his/her entire image gallery or a one or two complete shoot.
2.Get The Personal Look
A wedding day can be tiring as you’d be on your feet all day. What can ease the process is having a photographer who is personable and friendly; a guy/girl with great attitude and easy-going personality and who is not cranky when it comes to doing that extra effort to make your wedding the best day of your life. Sense of humor is also a good quality to look for when trying to decide upon your wedding day photographer.
3.Photographers Should Be Well Organized
Indian wedding photography can be a complex affair in that; one is required to capture hundreds of events, relatives/guests, and rituals and ceremonies that may be going on simultaneously. Hiring a wedding photographer with a constant (un-changing) team (and a plan) can ensure that all your major events are captured smoothly. If needed, you might still want to appoint a family coordinator to ensure that the lens-men capture all the guests and events. Making sure that your photographer has a well organized team ensures that you got every moment of your wedding covered and whenever you open the album or the video of your wedding you recapture all the moments clearly.
4. Get an official contract
A contract helps seal expectations of either party so that there are no discrepancies later. The contract should clearly spell out the date, time for which they will shoot, security fees or deposits, tips, liability limits, whether the photographer may use your photos for publishing elsewhere etc. if possible mention the whole job description in the contract itself. And do look for a backup photographer just in case your hired photographer is not able to make it up for your D-Day also If you do not want your photos displayed for the public to see, make sure you state this beforehand.
5.Ask for their online profile or a portfolio
These days, most Indian wedding photographers have an online profile either through a website or Facebook page. This can give you an idea regarding their style and you might even be able to read testimonials from their past clients. In the comfort zones of their home and in case you don’t like their work you can make sure to not waste your time and switch to another vendor. Also, you could ask for their portfolio and question them regarding the equipment they use, whether they carry backup, flashes, lights etc.

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