The glamorous life of Oxford demands to party or go to an event with style. And what better way to go to an event than to arrive in a limo with style and grandeur. A limousine is a great way to go to any event, a prom, a party, a wedding or any other event to make your entrance memorable. If you have never ridden in a limousine, take up the decision and ride a limousine to the next event you have to go to and get the experience of a lifetime. After all you have only one prom or wedding day, so you should arrive at your special day in a grand style. It will come as a surprise to you that local limousine services are comparivetly cheaper as compare to other rides you choose to go to an event. Many people think that limousine rides will be expensive, but such is not the case. As the service is charged per car/vehicle instead of per person.

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Following are few tips you can use to hire the best limo services at Oxford:

1 An early booking

If the event you are going to fall in peak season, like a wedding, then you may consider pre-booking your limousine ride. For example, if the event you are going to fall in peak season like holidays, wedding, prom and others, it can get difficult to hire a limousine at the last minute. It may not be available because it would be already booked. So, in order to avoid any inconvenience, you should always pre-book the limousine service at least 2 weeks or 3 before the event, and in peak season, you may consider pre-booking a month earlier to have everything go smooth on your big day. Also, pre-booking will allow you larger options form the fleet of vehicles to choose from, so in order to get the best ride, book early.

2-Always work with details

It is advised to get the details of the event beforehand. You may want to book a limousine to carry you and your friends to a party or an event. Remember to get the details about the event, people going with you and decide the limousine according to that. It will help you locate the right limousine for you. Keeping an eye on details will also help you to inform the company about the duration you will be hiring the limousine for, and to inform about the route you will be taking. If the details are known beforehand, a lot of run time confusion can be diminished. You can also inform if you need extra service like snacks, champagne and others while you drive. It will help the company in allocating the best vehicle for you which meets your needs perfectly.

3-For a limousine ride- bigger is always better

There are a variety of limousine services available which can easily accommodate 8 to 15 passengers. It is a fact that bigger limousines are expensive than the smaller one, but if you are going to a big party, the price can be reduced per person if you hire a bigger limousine instead of hiring 2 or 3 to carry all your friends. It is to be remembered that limousine is hired per hour, so in case of prom or big party, invite all your friends (in the given capacity of course) and enjoy the ride at comparivetly lower price per person

4:Discuss about the event you are going to with service provider

You should always discuss with your service provider about the kind of event you are going to. They may suggest a better alternative than what you have in mind which will suit your needs perfectly. Because of their business expertise. Some service providers also offer a lot of additional services that can really light up your mood and allow you to make a grand entrance to the event you are going. Some service providers, also offer party deals as well form which you can benefit. So always ask.

5-Reputation matters

Many service providers are not licensed and this is not in the notice of the customer very often. It is advised to research your service provider. It will save a lot of trouble which can occur later on. Various service providers will have various license. You may want to consult with your friends and family over the reputation of service providers and gather reviews from different people who have experienced their service. The service provider you choose can be the key to making your event memorable or miserable. It is advised to look the reviews at local sites to hire the best local service in the area.

At last, tip your chauffer as a gentlemanly gesture in case they provide exemplary service. This is not necessary, but it will surely light up their faces!

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