Being one of the most famous exterior wall coatings, it is something that several commercial and residential buildings in the present times adapt to. While stuccos are known to be easy with the installation and give a unique look to the exterior walls that no other finish can impart, it is something that every building owner in the present times should opt for. While stuccos can be incorporated with colours, it gives a great look to the walls while making it last for long.

Unlike wall paints and other wall finishes, stuccos too deteriorate with time especially when the changing weather conditions take a toll on its quality. While this cannot often be prevented, conducting frequent maintenance and care can help to a certain extent.

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  • Washing the Stucco Walls

Since these are walls exposed to the weather and its changing conditions, it is likely that dirt and dust would get accumulated on its surface. Professionals for rendering repairs in Melbourne agree that when you ignore the dirt formation, it tends to form a layer on the wall and contribute towards fading and aging. Pressure washing along with using soapy water and scrubs can help in removing the deeply embedded dirt and making it look clean and new all over again.

  • Look Out For Mould Formation

There are times when there can be mould formation on the stucco wall a few days after the installation due to the presence of moisture which hasn't been able to evaporate. Cleaning them almost immediately helps in retaining the condition of the wall and preventing further damage. Sing an anti-mould solution helps, and if the stains stay along, the wall can be repainted. The same goes for mould formation after the rains or probably during the winters which when attended to immediately prevents extensive damage.

  • Attend to Cracks and Holes Immediately

There are times when you may witness hairline cracks on the stucco wall during the summers and ignore it. Doing that may result in the cracks becoming bigger once the winter sets in. Therefore, no matter what the season it is, whenever you find any hole or crack in the wall, get it repaired almost immediately.

  • Call Upon Professionals for Help

Stucco walls may function with DIY repairs but when it concerns attending complex problems, allowing the professionals for stucco rendering in Melbourne to come over becomes a better idea. They know how to deal with problems and come up with immediate remedies. The repair work that they undertake is known to be perfect while resulting in better longevity of the walls and preventing replacement over and over again.

  • Make Use of Waterproof Primer

When compared to other wall finishes, stucco is known to absorb water and other forms of moisture and retain it within itself while coming up with problems such as mould and fungi formation on the surface. It also results in damp walls that can lead to deterioration of the wall quality. Therefore, painting the wall with a waterproof primer prevents moisture absorption and better longevity.

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The author has had close associations with those that help out with stucco render services in Melbourne and writes this article to let people know about how to maintain stucco walls which comes straight from the professionals for rendering repairs in Melbourne.