This week has helped me realise how important it is to be aware of our thought patterns that is going on inside of ourselves.

Why do we humans use what is going on in or world to be the reason for how we feel? Why is feeling good often measured from the outside in and not the other way around? Of course, if your life is great at the moment and everything is running smoothly it can be a good thing to think this way, but as soon as something goes wrong in your life, or not according to plan, we run into trouble.

So how do we learn to feel good from the inside out? Here's a few statements and ideas to get you started:

1: Who's In Charge Here? Oh, I Am!
Well, first of all we need to know that we have a choice in how we feel! I know It can be a tough one to face, but no matter how much you try to blame someone else, or something else, for your unhappiness, there is no one to blame but yourself. It's true! You ALWAYS have a choice in how you feel. Your feelings are yours and no one can change them unless you let them. When you know this fact, and I mean really KNOW it, your life will change forever. The good thing about this though is that since you have a choice, you have the option to change how you feel at any given time. Which leads me to the next point.

2: You Can Always Change Your Story
No matter how deep in the dirt you are you can always change your story and start changing the direction of your thoughts. You might have to start slowly and go really basic at first if your story has been practised for a long time but there is always a way. Start saying things like "I am where I am, and where I am is perfect" or "Everything that has happened in my life so far has moulded me into who I am today". Start really general and then add onto your story with thoughts that match your feeling.

3: Words Are Powerful
The words you use to describe you and  your life are extremely powerful. Start listening to your trigger words. Can you change the way you say things to make you feel less uncomfortable?
Another thing, using words that soothe you in tough situations can be really handy: Words like "ease" "harmony" "flow" or "passion" are words that resonate with me but it can be any words that you like. Start using words that you like and play around with them and see if they have the ability to shift your mood. This practise is not so much about the particular word, the important thing is that they make you FEEL good (or at least soothes you).

4: Start A Meditation Routine
I know I have said it many times but starting a meditation routine for yourself is so important. Not only do you cut out some extra me-time, you are also allowing yourself to connect to the real you! There is an AMAZING being living underneath those layers and when you connect I promise you, you will be amazed by the beauty and power of YOU. Meditation can sound daunting and hard to add into your busy lives but there are many many ways to meditate and we DO NOT have to be gurus or monks to feel the benefits! If you don't know how to start, there are plenty of practices to get you started in my new book.

5: There Is Something Good In Everyone, And In Every Situation
No matter how low or bad you feel, there is always something positive in every situation. Look for the positive, and when you find it, grab a hold of it and milk it! Always seek the positive aspects of everything. I promise you, when you get hold of this idea, it will change everything!
The same goes for people. You might be dealing with someone really challenging at the moment. Try and look at the positive aspects of that person. Even if you can only think of one thing that is good about them, try and focus on that instead of the negative. Doing this will not only make it easier to communicate with them, it will also make you feel better and allow for your heart to stay open. Remember, often we have more in common with people than we think. Go on and try it! You might just end up liking them in the end ;)

Here's a recap:
Let's remember that we are the creators of our own reality. Don't let what's going on outside of you determine how you feel on the inside. Start being deliberate in your thinking, listen to your inner dialogue and start to change the stories you tell yourself if they don't make you feel good. Ask yourself: How can I say this better? How can I soothe this topic by being less specific? What is good about now? Life is all about perception, do you see a rainbow of possibilities or a cloud of troubles?

To help connect with your Inner Master and help you reach your true potential, check out my new book. It is packed with information, tips, practises and ideas to help you on your way.

Walk in Your Truth,


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Mirva is a Sydney-based Swedish Singer/Songwriter, Author and Spiritualist.

Mirva’s international career success in her 20’s and award win following the release of her debut album ‘We’re Here Now’ in 2006 eventually landed her nose first in depression, only to immerge re-inspired, producing music again and as a mother of two with a powerful message to share. Her message has touched the hearts of people, so much so, that her book is hailed as a transformative ‘must read’. Her latest EP ‘One’ has already gained massive air play and landed her at #4 in the Australian Independent Music Awards.

Mirva's new book ‘The Art of Soulful Living’ is an easy and inspiring read, which has already found much appreciation among women, mothers, artists and people of all walks of life, making it not only a ‘must-have’ title for any self-help or personal development book shelf, but also an inspirational gift for just about anyone.

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