Your GATE score decides whether you are eligible to seek admission for any post graduate programs in IIS and IITs. You can easily get admission for programs like Master of Engineering, Master of Technology, and Doctor of Philosophy etc., if you have good GATE score. Finding a good GATE coaching centre or a GATE tutor is a not a simple task. We can see many GATE coaching centres around us and most of them provides good training. But, there are also many fake coaching centres and trainers, which operates only for money. You need to watch out for such GATE tutors and do remember these points while selecting your tutor:

A tutor who starts from the basics: Check whether the GATE tutor starts from the basics before jumping into the actual lessons. Because there is no point in studying other lessons without understanding the basics properly. You need to be thorough with the basic concepts and formulas before starting the original lessons.

A person who knows everything about IITs: Make sure that your GATE tutor have deep knowledge about IITs, GATE question papers, patterns, syllabus etc. Only a person with extensive knowledge about GATE and IITs will be able to teach you the desired topics.

A tutor with organized teaching plans: Your GATE tutor must be person, who is very systematic in his teaching method. The trainer should have a good understanding on the topics that must be covered first, type of questions from each sections, number of questions from each sections etc. Moreover, your GATE trainer need to be a person who can change his teaching style according to the knowledge level of every students.

A tutor who is always dependable: Only a good GATE tutor will be able to guide you to proper and easy problem solving methods without any trouble. Make sure the trainer is approachable at any time and he clarifies your doubts without any hesitation. If you are facing any problem with the lessons, try to talk with your GATE tutor and solve it immediately.

A person who keeps on motivating you: Change your GATE tutor immediately, if he is a person who comes to class, finish his lessons and goes out without talking about anything else. Because such tutors won’t be able to give you proper guidance to crack GATE. Look for someone who is energetic and motivates you regularly to do something new every day along with daily lessons.

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