Hair extensions have the trick to do wonders to your hair. You might have a bad hair day or if you are facing some serious hair issue then all this can be eliminated if you have the right hair extension. If you want to boost your volume or want to add some extra length, clip-in hair extension can save your day. A number of semi-permanent methods of hair extension can be found at salons. With these methods, you can say goodbye to an unkempt look but some of these hair extensions are exorbitant.

This is the reason that clip-in hair extensions should always be your preference. It has the option to take them in or out and you can style your hair to change your look. Unlike other types, clip-in hair extensions put less strain on your scalp. Following the tips given below, you can find the best clip-in extensions for your hair type.

1. Look for the Right Shade:

You need to look for extensions that suit your original hair color. This will give you a fine finished look and you will feel confident in your appearance. You can always dye your hair to match the color of your hair extension if you are unable to find the right one. Brown clip-in hair extensions can be found easily and give an exquisite look.

2. Length of Clip-In Hair Extension:

You need to find the right length in order to feel comfortable and confident whilst wearing it. If you are just starting out then do not opt for long hair extensions otherwise it would be too heavy to carry it around. You must keep the length short for a better experience.

3. The Difference in the Clips Makes a Huge Difference:

The choice of clips makes a huge difference. A number of types of clips come with the clip-in hair extensions. The most suitable one is snap-clips which are also called toupee clips. These come with silicon lining on the crossbar. Apart from this, tines are also important. The clips that come with u-shaped tines are better than straight tines. These clips are better at holding the hair extensions. This little difference can make you confident enough to carry the perfect look.

4. Get Perfect Tools to Wear the Extension:

Without tools, you will not be able to get that perfect look. It will make your life much easier. Within minutes you can wear the clip-in hair extension and get a mesmerizing look. Get your tools prepped so that you do not have to struggle whilst putting on the hair extension.

5. Treat your Extensions Gently:

Your hair extension might not be like your original hair but they do need some special treatment to look perfect. For this purpose, you can use Argan oil mask to keep them in a good state. If you have found a perfect hair extension, take care of it. 

So with these tips, you can find the best clip-in hair extension that can complement your look. If you find your extension a little lackluster, you can always treat them with best available oil.

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