Work can be fun or completely unfun, depending on you. You can blame anything you want to blame in regards to a bad day or an un-enjoyable work life, but as with all things rolling downhill, you stand at the bottom of this one.

Let’s have more fun and enhance our workspace fun-ness:

1. Plug in

De-zombie your self. This is really not as easy as it sounds BUT when you walk through those beautiful doors at work be in that moment, not the ugh moment 2 seconds prior. Remember that you have had great times at work, with your colleges, project successes, fun customers; you HAVE had good times. When you go to work focus on the your achievements there and plug into that.

2. Unplug

We spend copious amounts of time on our electronic media devises, it is time to unplug. You can not have a fully functional day at work if you are on your Blackberry, nose deep in Facebook, twitter or LinkedIn. Yes, I know that all of those outlets seem more fun than being at work BUT raises and promotions are pretty fun too!

3. Be in the Moment

Okay, you have plugged in and unplugged, NOW you can be in the moment. Enjoy it. Why is it that we always seem to be living in the past? How does this serve us at all? When you go to work, be there, really be there and you will be breathing new life into your work space. And this is fun because? You have to work or else you would not be there, so take the time to be there.

4. Do What You Love

Find a job or work environment that coincides with your passions. Do not be willing to settle. Write down a list of your passions, do this now. Things that make you smile. Where could you work, or what kind of business could you be in that would allow you to express your passions? You cannot have a bad day doing what you love. I love what I do and everyday I experience boundless amounts of energy because of this.

5. Be Nice To Your Boss

Okay maybe this is not fun but then why are you working for them? If you do not like your boss, then I really suggest that you find one you like and respect, you will be surprised at how much more enjoyable your day is, just based on that.

Life is about enjoying every moment, some of those moments happen at work, make the best of them or better yet enhance your workday fun-ness!

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Kari Waldner is the owner of Scrub Masters Commercial Cleaning, a company that specializes in janitorial services for businesses located in Saskatoon. For more information, check out their website at