So then you have got a weekend holiday and are planning for some thrilling adventure trips with your workplace friends?
Sounds absolutely cool, you should definitely enjoy and try out newer untried activities.
Today, we are going to discuss few tips which will help you to plan your adventure trip and make your experience a smoother and safer
1. Decide the Duration of your Trip
The first and the foremost thing to keep in mind, is the duration for which you are planning your trip. Remember, the adventure trips include the time that you spend at a location and also include the time to travel. In many cases, we plan our journeys in such a way that are return trips are scheduled over night and we have to join the office from next day onwards. This is something which we should typically avoid and should try to take a balanced sleep before we get into the work-routine completely.

2. Keep Location Maps Ready
When going on new trips, we are often found wanting when it comes to discovering the right routes or paths. Because of this, we end up wasting more time just searching for addresses, locations etc. A map would always solve the purpose.

3. Wear the Right Clothes
Again, a very vital thing. Wearing the right clothes is something without you just cannot complete your adventure trips successfully. Imagine, going in a snow capped mountain range without having the necessary jackets or woollen pants. Also, the clothing gear not only includes jackets but includes everything else like gloves, head-gear, shoes etc.

4. Carry the Camping Gear
There’s a subtle difference between your camping and clothing gear. Camping gear means the equipments which we carry along with ourselves. These include stuff like water bottles, camp tent (if you are going to stay overnight in a jungle or an open area), compass (for direction) etc. The list of camping gear can go on depending on the type of your trip and group size.

5. Eat the right food
Very vital activity you got to take a balance diet which is having an optimum composition of carbohydrates, proteins etc. The other constituent of your diet is water, when on adventure trips take the right amount of water as it is a universally known that water keeps you going on for longer periods. As they say it is not the food, but the water as water and its dissolved constituents make up the bulk of your body.

We hope you guys, enjoyed our tips and would be able to use these in your next outdoor activity.

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