How is your commitment level doing? When we first embark on our home business journy, we are so excited that we are unaware that our commitment levels need attention which bodes the phrase (ignorance on fire). In this article, I want to share with you 5 tips on how to increase your commitment level and the areas that require your attention in order to be successful for the long term.

If you are just starting out, you may not yet understand where this commitment stems from other than the desire for additional income and it is critical that you do. Simply taking the initiative and having the courage to venture beyond the norms of society and to take control of your destiny shows a level of commitment to yourself that you want more, for this I applaud you.

To increase and solidify the commitment you have made to do and be more, stems from what is referred to as your 'WHY", why are you motivated, why are you doing what you do, why are you intent on building your own business. Keep in mind, exposing your why and building on that vision, will allow you to make a plan and plot your course. As you add more clarity to your why, your path will incrementally reveal itself and cause you to take even more action. Read on and let's break it down.

First, is being committed to clarifying your “Why”. For each of us this will be different as we are all motivated by different dreams, goals and aspirations. While some are setting out to make enough money to pay bills or save for college tuition, many are planning their retirement and have goals of firing their boss. In addition, there are some that strive for greatness by building a lasting residual income, a legacy they can pass on to their heirs and be remembered for their contribution to the world. What ever your reasons are, make sure to reflect on them regularly increase your clarity and your drive.

Next, we need to be aware of time. How much time can we devote to realizing our “Why”? One of the worst things you can do is make commitments to time that are unrealistic, by missing deadlines and commitments you teach your brain not to believe and most likely will not. In this business, it seems that there is so much to do and we want to make things happen too fast. You know how it is, just when you think you are done for the day , five things pop up and you want to do these too. Please be mindful of your other obligations, if you spread too thin then all is likely to collapse.

In addition to the above, you should ask yourself this; “Am I committed to the expenses of growing my business (not just monetarily)?” In our excitement, it is too easy to stretch our monetary budgets to the point that we cannot afford things we need with regard to expense of time for self improvement or the necessary task of reflection on our dreams. These expenses have a tendency to get passed over due to obligations in advertising,website tools, paying for products and of course personal household obligations because they contain the sense of urgency in order to recoup on those expenditures.

Remember, the reason most of us want to be our own boss is to be in charge of our lives and our destinies, but if we spend too much time in operating our business without regard for the personal development required to realize increasing returns, we can go broke. This only reinforces the need to continue being slave to somebody else' dreams. You can and must break that cycle and implement balance, it is a need not a luxury.

Lastly, we need to remain committed to living outside of our comfort zones. By this I mean, that most of the processes you will be dealing with are probably foreign to your everyday life. When we live out of the comfort zone, we risk failure and rejection. However, by not doing so we risk not realizing our full potential. You cannot expect things to all be at peace, you are swimming upstream and this causes resistance from friends, family and society in general.

Unfortunately, this is part of being in business and life in general. Remember the old adage,” If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got”.

In summary, stay committed, reflect on your WHY, your commitment to achieving it and prioritize those commitments with an emphasis on balance.By doing so, you will increase your focus and your drive as well as continuously affecting the momentum and quality of your success.

I hope you have enjoyed the read and gleaned a nugget or two from these 5 tips on how to increase your commitment level. Please feel free to comment on this or any topics I cover and by all means, share, somebody you may or may not know yet is needing the information. I appreciate the input.

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