Your printer is one of the most valuable assets in your office or home. One aspect that determines how long the device will give you service is the kind of ink cartridge you use. On the other hand, ink cartridges take a significant portion of your expenses, and for you to leverage on your printer use, you need to consider where and how you buy its cartridges. It is good to buy ink cartridges online since it is affordable and convenient too. However, before you do that, there are 5 things you need to know.

Be wary of counterfeit products

There are numerous ink cartridge stores in the internet which sell counterfeit products, and if you didn't know, such cartridges are a poison to your printer. You should avoid fake ink cartridges at all cost. While shopping, you need to pay much attention to authenticity of the online stores products.

Don't rush for cheap ink cartridges online as you may end up buying the wrong product. Read customer reviews from the stores websites, and other review sites as well. If you find complaints by customers, especially on the authenticity of their products, keep away from that store and find another one.

Compare prices

Buying ink cartridges online gives you a good opportunity of finding the products on very attractive discounts. Most of online stores will sell their ink cartridges at up to 30% lower than the offline stores. Take time to browse different websites to find the best deals. However, don't forget the importance of authenticity as some prices may lure you to buy counterfeit products. Also, consider the shipping cost as well as product delivery time:

Search for the right cartridge

Another thing that many people shopping for ink cartridges forget is to check on the compatibility of the cartridges with their printers. Using the wrong type of ink cartridge in your printer is not only going to fail but is also likely going to spoil your device. Most of the online stores which sell cartridges have a search option where you can find the right kind of ink cartridge using your printer brand, series and model.

Cartridge warranty

Genuine ink cartridges should have assurance that the product sold will meet certain specifications. In case the ink cartridge you have bought has developed some production errors, the seller must be ready to replace it at no additional cost. All in all, check the terms of specifications to see circumstances under which you may claim replacements or even a refund.

Customer support

Another thing which is worth considering when buying ink cartridges online is whether the seller offers customer support in case you have a problem with the gadget. Some online shops do not care to offer support to their customers as soon as they have received the payment for the product. You may at times require some assistance on installing the ink cartridge, and that's why it is important to ensure that the seller will be available.

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