Business is expensive. It takes investment, time, commitment, and effort. Do you know the business owner who won't go to the networking event because they have to pay for parking or breakfast or travel?

You do. You may have even been one.

My mentor, David, says... "there is no convenient time or place to become successful." I love this because it is exactly how I built my business... by going to the YES! The yes does not come to you, knock on the door, and deliver a pay day. This quote has been on my radar for the last three weeks, so I thought I better share:

"Opportunity is missed by most people because it's dressed in overall, & looks like work." ~Thomas A. Edison

So, here's the deal--I am gonna lay it out fast and dirty--get this right and you can get millions.

All the places not to be cheap so you don't attract cheap:

1) Don't get a cheap coach. OK, do I have to say anything else? Seems obvious, cheap gets you cheap. Ever think, "If this coach is so good why do they charge so little?" You should.

2) Don't get cheap business cards. I always forget my biz cards... (ick--I know!) But if you are going to have them, have them say expensive!

3) Don't go networking or speaking in cheap clothes. I cannot tell you how many smart, savvy, fun people I meet who while they are speaking to me I am totally distracted by the fact that they look as if they have put absolutely no effort in showing up as their best self. I don't pretend to be a fashionista--BUT I want to look my best, feel my best, and show up as my best self.

4) Don't be cheap with your resources. Give away your best and they will buy the rest. Seriously! I hate when people tease you in the attempt to make more money. If you stand by your services, are great at what you do, and love people up, they will want more. Don't be cheap.

5) Don't be cheap with your time. Business takes effort. When I hear people say they don't want to work hard I am clear on their best path. Get a job. Business takes hustle and if you love what you do it won't feel like work. Being cheap with your time will get you cheap results.

Find a rich mentor. Deliver rich resources and results. Invest richly in your business and you will reap rich rewards!

(c) 2011 Suzanne Evans

Author's Bio: 

Suzanne Evans owner and founder of Suzanne Evans Coaching, LLC, is the tell-it-like-it-is, no fluff boss of business building. She supports, coaches, and teaches over 30,000 women enrolled in her wealth and business building programs. Having surpassed the seven figure mark herself in just over three years, she's coached her private clients to total revenues exceeding 8 million dollars. This year she will launch her Global Impact Project, a not for profit serving women worldwide in education, entrepreneurship, and equality. Visit for more information.