In 2018, the total time spent on mobile devices was 42%. You might think this is rather low given how we are using our cellphones the entire time. However, considering the fact that organizations require the use of computers for their processing, which are operational for most part of the day, this 42% means a substantial amount of time everyday is spent on cellphones.

This then means that the right way of reaching out to customers online, is not just to design effective marketing campaigns, but also to be smart enough to create a mobile friendly website. Often, tweaking a website to make it more convenient to use is done by service providers such as Hubside Service which allows website creation and customization services. Under this venture, you can get your website management through several different formula which also includes a free type. You also get to choose what type of platform you want and can choose a mobile phone platform.

Creating Mobile Friendly Websites:
But, what are the essentials behind designing a mobile-friendly website is the real question. Here are 5 tips to answer that question:

1. Avoiding Information Overloads:
Given that screens of your mobile phones are usually between 5 to 6.5 inches, the information that can fit on your screen is not as much as on your computer screens. In order to maintain visual appeal then, it is necessary that the information to be put on your mobile website is restricted. This is imperative since statistics suggest that around 38 percent of visitors on a website will break engagement if the website is unattractive; information overload is definitely not attractive.

2. Icons:
Keeping in mind the previous point of a phone screen being much smaller than a computer screen, it is always recommended that pictures or icons be used instead of words. This is because icons not only take up much lesser space, but can be made much more expressive and much more appealing without much effort.

3. Videos:
Videos can either add that flair to your website, or take it to its doom. Videos make your website interactive in a way. However, when it comes to cellphones, videos may not be as much because they may take up a lot of space. In that context, if the video does not relay important information, then it takes up space for that information. Not a very mobile friendly way to run your website, is it now?

4. Different Operating Systems:
One of the trickiest parts in designing websites for phones is to cater to the many operating systems. No developer can think only about one operating system when designing a website and that is the real catch. Therefore, it is always advisable that cross platform websites be developed.

5. Images:
Of course, videos are tricky. But what about images? Do they cut it? Well, not really. Unless an image is just as carefully thought out as a video is, there is no point putting it there. However, visual appeal is important and images add to it. Therefore, images are perhaps even more tricky than videos are.

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