Want to know how to earn money with your blog? Well aware that if you want to get rich with your blog, your passion for a particular subject will not be sufficient. To earn money, you will have to do hard work with your blog to be profitable and therefore monetizable.

How to earn money on the internet based business and which strategy we have to apply. Here are the five key steps.

1) Define your interests
To succeed with your blog it is still better to have interest. That is why it is better that covers topics you care about. You will then find it easier to approach. Then take a paper and a pen and write down ten subjects pros which you are passionate.
If you really want to understand how to earn money on the internet using blog so you will have to know something that the majority of bloggers are don’t know

2) Identify a niche
The ideas you have written on your paper are undoubtedly very interesting but that does not mean they will help you to earn online money. The competition is fierce and it is recommended to move towards a niche market.

3) Perceive opportunities
Once you have specified your subjects which will certainly less competition. if you want to sell on the internet it will still be necessary that you have enough traffic and potential customers. Then check that your niche blog is carrying. For this example, you can use Google Trends a very handy tool informing you of search volume of your keywords and terms in advance.

4) Find a timeless idea
It is best to capitalize on the long term. A blog covering the Olympics in 2012 may have allowed its author to be very successful and make money but in a few months (if not already), there is no doubt that it will bring him almost nothing. It is unfortunate to invest in a blog if we all start a few years later.

5) Analyze competitors
It'll certainly be more than a few ideas on your sheet. And to help you decide the last step is to go and see what competitors are doing, what they are studying, and above all to be interested in their comments to identify the needs of people who follow them. You will be able to find this little thing that you differentiate and encourage users to come to your blog.

Finally, find a profitable blog idea is a bit like going to buy a new suit: identifying the shops that we like, we go into that we match (morphology, special needs, etc.). They s 'ensures that the garment selected to enjoy our surroundings, we try to see if it still will not be outdated next season and finally we decide to buy it

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