Social media platforms have changed the way marketing is done. Today a lot of emphasis is given on digital marketing and one of the sublime aspects of digital marketing is brand promotion via social media platforms like Instagram. If you are running a business, having an Instagram account is a must. It gives you followers, motivation to do better, user reviews, brand popularity, and all of it eventually leads to more sales and business. Take any successful product and you will find them endorsing their product on their Instagram account. There are millions of followers who keep sharing their opinion about the product and in turn it spreads the word and feed all over the globe. In this article we share five tips for using Instagram to promote your Brand for free.

1. Post and hashtags

You need to maintain engagement with your followers using regular posts and hashtags. The content must be in sync with your business idea or the product and the frequency of your posts should just be enough to keep yourself in the feed. Don’t overdo the posts and hashtags as the excess of it gives a sense of spam. Make sure to write positive and encouraging lines about your product and ask for feedback from your followers.

2. Follow back the followers

If you see genuine followers liking and commenting on your Insta posts, follow them back. Make sure to reply to their comments and often engage with followers in conversations on your comments section. This gives followers a sense of being closely attached with your product. Make sure to follow the communities and people who share similar interests as yours. This will keep you updated with new and trendy things going around. It will also increase your sphere of thinking and you can wisely implement newly learned things for your benefit.

3. Use tools and apps

Have you ever wondered how some people get more than thousand likes and comments on a picture fast than you can imagine. There are many tools and services that can boost your performance manifolds. Instagram itself provides many features like editing a post using various kinds of filters. If you think you are lagging behind, you can make use of various third party tools and apps which will take your engagement to next orbit. However, having organic followers is the best thing to have. Thus, make intense use of all free tools available to you and make your posts attractive.

4. Promote your Instagram account everywhere

You must realize that not all users have an Instagram account and even though they might be deeply interested in your idea, they need to know about its existence. Hence it’s worthwhile to promote yourself almost everywhere and generate your followers from all sources possible. You can make use of hashtags on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and articles. You can try to create an intriguing post or an article on other platforms which attracts a reader to come and pay you a visit on Instagram.

5. Be creative and professional

There is a huge competition everywhere to promote their brand as most unique, beautiful and valuable. To stand out and beat that competition you need to be creative and professional in your approach. For these reasons, companies have their own creative teams with digital marketing coordinators and professional photographers who make sure that the posts are appealing, classy and thought-provoking in nature. A small investment for a good post generation will be directly proportional to higher engagement and brand building.


Using Instagram to promote your brand is invariably one of the best ways to succeed in today’s digital age. The best time to start is right now!

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