There is nothing quite as exciting for a teenager as driving off in their first vehicle. While this is a meaningful rite of passage that deserves celebration, it is also important that you show your teen how to get the most for their vehicle purchasing dollar. Here are five tips for helping your new teen drive to find an affordable car.

Show Them the Value of a Used Vehicle

You are not alone if you have a teen who thinks that they need a flashy new car when they first take to the roads. Most teenagers have visions of driving off in something sporty and shiny.

However, if affordability is a primary concern to you, it is important to teach them about the value of a used vehicle. Once they understand that the value of a vehicle rapidly plummets the minute that you drive it off of the lot, they may be more willing to consider a used vehicle. There is an abundance of used cars near Rapid City, making it easy to find the perfect fit for your teen's budget and personal preferences.

Teach Them About Maintenance Costs

In addition to steering your teen driver toward an affordable vehicle because of the great value that they provide, you also need to make sure that they are informed about the various maintenance costs that their new set of wheels will incur. If you need another selling point for them to choose a pre-owned vehicle, be sure to show them the different maintenance costs across various car makes and models.

When you are estimating maintenance costs for different types of cars, you need to look at factors such as oil changes, tune-ups, the cost for new tires, and more. Once they see all of these costs laid out on paper, they will proceed with more frugality when choosing their automobile.

Empower Them with Knowledge About Insurance

Shopping for insurance is never fun, but it is especially stressful when looking for car coverage for a new driver. Teen drivers are notoriously difficult to insure. These costs are made even higher if you are insuring a teen driver who is driving a new car. This additional cost alone makes it more convincing to consider a pre-owned vehicle for your teen.

When pricing out insurance, be sure to also look at vehicle registration and licensing fees. All of these costs will really add up and sneak up on you if you have not budgeted accordingly.

Ensure They Understand Fueling Costs

Your teen needs to understand the cost of ownership of a vehicle also involves the fuel. Understanding how the size of a vehicle affects how much fuel it will need on a regular basis may sway them to choose a smaller and more affordable car for their needs.

Teens also need to learn about how the price of gas can fluctuate widely. Teaching them how to budget for these fluctuations will ensure that they are not caught off guard when they show up at the gas pump.

Consider Their Driving Habits

While it may make you feel like a better parent by gifting your child with an expensive vehicle, it may end up causing you more headaches in the long run. Before you sign on the dotted line for that new car, be sure to consider your teen's driving habits.

For example, if your teen drives to school every day, you need to realize that high school parking lots are fraught with fender benders and other minor vehicular accidents. Even the most responsible teen is subject to these types of accidents in the school parking lot. It is a tough pill to swallow when you spend a significant amount of money on a new car for your teen only to have it dinged up when driving to school and back each day.

Choosing your teen's first vehicle is not a decision to be taken lightly. In addition to the safety considerations, you also want to make sure that you are able to stretch your dollar to the max. Considering all five of these tips will help your teen to feel empowered to make a smart vehicle purchasing decision that will make everyone in the family happy.


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